Friday, December 12, 2008

Friendships across the Miles

It is poignant to think
about the fact that God said it was
not good for Man to be He
created Eve for Adam.

Man was created to communicate with
God and others.

We are social creatures.

With the advent of the computer we can
often communicate with those we never
would have had opportunity to get to
know otherwise. Sometimes this is good...
other times we should proceed with

I have made some forever friends through
this tiny little blog that I call
Hospitality Lane. There are women who
have reached out and shared my pain,
rejoiced when I rejoiced and let me help
to carry a prayer burden, or two.

This is a new face of friendship.

My local friends are still
very important to me.
I need them.
This cannot replace them.

However, this is a new dimension of
friendship. I am thankful for it.
I am thankful for YOU!

One of these "distant" friends
is a talented stitcher.
Some months ago Paula sent
me this sweet art.

This week I received something
in the mail...

So timely as we are putting the
finishing touches on the Ladies
Christmas Tea at our church.

I love the teapot and the fancy
tablecloth... so carefully
stitched in teeny tiny stitches.

Thank you, Miss Paula.

You are one of those Forever

Having just completed the contest and giveaway,
meeting some new friends, and perusing
blogger yesterday for those who also had
Flywheel in their list of favorite movies,

(I know it seems a strange way to search, but you
really can tell a lot about a person by the movies
they enjoy!)

I can see I have a lot more potential friendships
to cultivate out there.


I hope your list of bloggy friends grows and that
out of this list come some that you can share with
and grow with. Some who lift you up in prayer as
needed and laugh or rejoice with you in the good

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Elijah's Mommy said...

Those are really sweet gifts! It's so great to "meet" new friends through blogging.

Thanks for your caring comment. You're right about God working in mysterious ways. I wonder what He is up to as well! =) I'm so thankful we can trust Him completely!

Mrs. Rabe said...

The stitchery turned out so nice! It is pretty with the teapot!

I love my blogging friends too!

Terri and Bob said...

So sweet and so well deserved!

Carol said...

Such beautiful stitch work. You're blessed to have Paula as a friend. Thanks for sharing your heart today. . .

Miss Paula said...

Plus Miss Becky, I have met you in person!! I have shared a meal and even dessert!! You are a forever friend and I hope that there are others out there that can say the same about their friends!! It is amazing the way God has used this computer (that we only hear of it for bad0, that can be used for good. To pray, to encourage and to laugh a bit. To maybe send a gift or two. To share in family and the different parts of the country we would probably never see! God has used this to make our world smaller and to give us a glimpse of the wonderful ones who will be in eternity with us!

Thank you for your kind words Dear Becky!

Ronda said...

Oh, Mrs. Becky,
What lovely stitching pretties Miss Paula has sent to you. How lovely they are.
I consider you among those of my *new* friends. You are a woman full of such wisdom, kindness, and much more. As I get to know more and more about you, I find that I like you more and more, and I am ever so grateful for the day that I found your blog. You will never know how many times I have read something on ur blog, and how it has touched me and/or helped me in some way.
Thank you for being a friend to so many of us. ~~smile~~
Love & Prayers,

Becky K. said...

Girls, girls, are sooo sweet! I love that I have met you.

Deanna...I feel like I know you better by reading your blog even though we have been friends for a long time...

So often, I just tell myself that it doesn't matter if anyone reads here. That I am doing this because it is a good exercise in writing discipline or keeping track of the things that happen in our lives...but I never quite believe it. I do want to make a difference. I think we all do.

Bless you for your offerings of friendship and encouragement! You are such a blessing to me!

Becky K.