Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It is the day before Christmas.

I have been consumed with getting
all of the details put together for
the Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service.

It is so fun to gather up talents and people.
Then put them together in a service that is
honoring to our King!

We have many instrumental specials on the
agenda...a brief drama, and the
Christmas Story sprinkled through, read by
various members of the congregation. The teens
have really gotten in on this and are going to
be doing a lot! What a beautiful thing to see.

We will end with the candlelighting and
Silent Night.

Along the way I have made some mistakes.
For example...I thought it would be very
pretty to put our candles into punch cups
with white soy wax to hold them in.
It is very pretty...but the glass is so
smooth that the whole thing just pops out.
So...plan B will be implemented today.
I will find some pretty Christmas plates
today and make a wax catcher for each candle.
Sigh...that is so traditional!

Anyway...that is not important in the grand
scheme of it?

We are going to bowl this morning.
The bowling alley has special glow
bowling and $1 games all day today.
We are planning to be there when they
open...FUN! Warren is off and he can come
too...My brother and his wife are coming.

This is definitely a first.
Bowling on Christmas Eve.

I do hope that you and your family have a
very blessed Christmas.

I will be posting one of my Dad's poems
tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it.

Take care...may God richly bless you.


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Carol said...

How fun to go bowling on Christmas Eve! Can't wait to read your Dad's poem!
Merry Christmas Blessings,

~~Deby said...

Don't think I have ever gone bowling on Christmas Eve....but WHY NOT...
Have a great and Merry Christmas..I too am posting is ready to go...
Blessings to you and yours..

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas to you. May you have a safe and wonderful holiday!!

Gayla said...

Becky, thanks for all the uplifting posts and the comments on my blog. Many sweet wishes for a happy year ahead. Blessed Christmas to you and yours. I know the Christmas Eve service will be so pretty. Hugs. Gayla