Monday, December 22, 2008

Great Sunday!

It was questionable as to whether
or not we should cancel church since
at 6:30am when we got up ice pellets
were hitting the windows and it was
nasty outside.

However, our Landlord said that he
would be at the church about that time
to salt or plow as was needed and if he
couldn't make it up the hill to the building
he would let us know. There was no call so
we went ahead.

It was probably at its worst when our family
and Pastor Mike got there, we are always about
30 - 40 minutes ahead of everyone else to start
the coffee and run through the songs for the
day....just that one more time.

As the morning went on the sun came out and
everything was great.

This was the morning for taking in new members
and one special girl was Chelsea!!!

Then she and Mikey took communion for the first time.

Did you see Duane, Kelly and the boys?

They are new members also.
Chelsea wanted a sprinkling baptism.
Mikey and the others who are waiting want
to be immersed. So, we will have to make
other pick, anyone?

We had a special visitor from California yesterday.
He is Evan.
Nephew to Mrs. Rabe.

She loves him!

This picture is for you, Miss Paula!

I did give him a hug.
He didn't run screaming or anything...
don't know what he was thinking though!

There was a fellowship meal after the service
and can you believe we hung out there talking
until after 4pm.

Jonathan snapped this picture after most everyone had gone home.
I know I look bored...but I was probably trying
to listen to three conversations at once.
Fascinating people!
Interesting lives and stories!

I took this picture of Duane, Kelly and the boys.

I love it!
They look would never know that Nicholas was feeling less than wonderful.

The kids were getting bored so took the camera and this
is a sampling of what I found on it when I looked this morning.

Then they made this...
Never mind Miss Emily's hair around the neck...
That is not her head...or anything like

Bit of an airhead...I think!
((totally laughing here))

Love these kids!!!!

Then we brought some friends home with us...
Warren's and my Mom joined us after a while.

Lovely people! All of them!
We missed a couple of families who usually
join us...

The kids went outside at some point in the
very frosty and windy evening and did this!

And then they did it again...
Looks like their age!

Pretty soon they all needed Hot Chocolate!
Needed it!

Finally, it was time...all of our friends went home.
Another week has flown by.

This week will be a bit different since we have the Christmas
Eve Service on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to it.
There will be a brief drama by one very dear family, several
pieces of special music and all I have to do is play for the
congregational singing!

Singing Silent Night.

Well, I guess you have things you need to
get to and here I am going on and on.

Thanks for visiting.

Come back soon!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

Such a great day!

See you Wednesday evening!

Ronda said...

Looks like a great day was had by all, even with such nasty weather. I am so glad you and your family were able to make it to church safely.
Congratulations to Chelse!

Love & Prayers,

Kelly said...

Great Pictures! Please email me the ones of us being taken into membership and the one of us that is so pretty! We always miss something good, when we need to leave -- Bummer!