Monday, December 8, 2008

Baked Potato Bar...and a Puking Cat!

Baked Potato Bars are wonderful things.

It has been a long standing tradition to
have an "Open House" on Sunday evenings
at our place.

There were some people from the church
who came nearly every week.

Then the church started to grow and that
number of people coming out grew too.
It seemed a good idea to move it
around to different houses.
Keeps the kids interested, different
scenery and a blessing to me...for example,
yesterday I did not have to hurry to put away the
candles from Saturday's final Christmas
Show. I laid down for a quick nap instead.
I can get to it today...

I also didn't have to deal with this...

...there was a comforter on the kitchen floor.
I have to tell you about that...
There we were, sound asleep early Sunday Morning.
When I say early...1:15 AM.
All of a sudden between Warren and I came this
terrible sound. The sound of...there's no nice
way to say this...throwing up.

Ollie, our white cat, had become sick.

This is an old picture...but this is likely what he looked like just
before he became ill...

All over our comforter...while we were under it.
I chased him off the bed and he continued to be
sick in the hall. Not what I wanted to be
experiencing at that hour...

I quickly got him outside, cleaned up the hallway
and simply gathered up the comforter and threw it
in the kitchen. I don't know why the kitchen
except that I guess I figured I would take it outside
in the morning to "deliver it" from its contents.

Well, Sunday Mornings are always a bit of a rush
at our house and this one was no different. The
comforter remained balled up on the kitchen floor.

So....I was very relieved when Mrs. Rabe offered to
host us.

Her tree is so gorgeous. I am beginning
to think that we will have to go back to a real tree.
My little fake one is looking pretty sad these days,
in comparison.

Warren is not convinced!
He likes the ease of it and the lack of

Anyway...back to the story...
We all piled in to their home and enjoyed a
Baked Potato Bar. Scrumptious!
This was actually Kelly's idea, but they have been "under the weather"
this week so they headed home right after
church...she posted about her day...her
post made me cry.

Mrs. Rabe baked massive potatoes, the toppings
were bacon, broccoli, cheese, chili, butter and
sour cream. Yum!

I made a crockpot full of chili.

I highly recommend this as a fun and tasty
get together menu.

And, from personal experience I can tell you
that the perfect combination is:

1 medium to large baked "tater", butter, bacon,
sour cream, and a large scoop of chili.
10 pounds of weight gain, me thinks!

To die for!

But first you have to add in gobs of great
conversation...lots of laughter...and loud,
loud children to totally get the experience.

Oh, and Mr. Rabe's freshly popped popcorn was the
great topper to the evening. Two huge serving if by magic!

Thanks guys!

You are very, very appreciated!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

You know we love it! Our favorite kind of evening!!!!

The kids were loud last night weren't they? What a fun they were having!

Terri and Bob said...

So sorry about your sweet kitten... a potato bar sounds like fun!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, that is so awful about the cat! We've had the same experience, except with our dog. Ew.

But the baked potato bar? Ah, YUMMY! That is an excellent idea! I've done pizza bars, salad bars, ice cream sundae bars, but never a baked potato bar! Great idea!


Lisa said...

I love baked potatoes!! YUMMY!! The pic of Ollie is too cute. My mom's cat Sam is sick too. He's been fighting something on and off for quite a while. He didn't come home tonight. I'm afraid he may not, he was that sick yesterday. Funny thing is, he's solid black, opposite of Ollie. Sam and Ollie would make a cute mismatch!!

Tracy said...

Poor Ollie!! I hope he'll be feeling better soon! He looks a little angel in that photo...A Baked Potato Bar...oh, that is a good idea, mmm..very tasty! Happy Days ((HUGS))