Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Family Christmas - In pictures

My original plan for the Christmas Eve Service. I could just see these with little red bows on the handles. I was so unhappy when they started popping out because the glass was too smooth to hold the wax without a wick. Bummer!
Oh, well, it all worked out and the service was wonderful!
Everyone who had a part to do, did it beautifully.
The Rabe girls played together...Lindsay on the recorder and Emily on piano.
It was lovely.
Their friends E. and L. played a piano duet for the prelude.
Very, very nicely!
We had a skit by the Andeola family that had us laughing and then a
bit more serious as we contemplated the importance of Christmas.
Very well done, friends!
Nigel Andreola played One Small Child on the piano.
It was perfection.
I nearly lost it reading Dad's poem, Three Giant Steps.
But I determined that I wanted to read it...
so I did.
That was very hard, but I am glad to have done it.
After the lighting of the candles we had a time of
fellowship. That was great.
There was much excitement and happiness all around.

We went back to Mom's to open our stockings after the service.
Mikey had his electronics plugged in to his ears...
so Uncle Allan went and got his and sat down beside Mikey.
Two guys...plugged in!

Mom pulled a prank on us this year. She bought tiny bananas and Kumquats and put them in our stockings. They ended up looking like miniature bananas and oranges.
The challenge was put out to each one as they opened their stockings to try the kumquats. I wish so much that I had a picture of Warren's face as he bit into his.
The shock of the taste was so written all over it. I was the only one who refused to eat one. Thanks, but no thanks. We laughed over the tiny bananas.

However, they were very much enjoyed.
Very sweet.
Very tiny!

After this silliness we went home to bed.
Well, most people went to bed.
Warren and I had to wrap presents.
So...we got to bed eventually.

Christmas morning we were invited next door to
Warren's Mom's for breakfast. Georgia had borrowed
my Christmas plates and they looked so nice.
She made a breakfast Casserole and a Moravian Coffee
Cake. So good! She was raised in the Moravian Church
and we very much miss the traditions that we celebrated
for so many years there. The coffee cake was a nice
reminder of days gone by.

This photo was taken before coffee.
They look "pretty awake" to me.
That is Mikey, Bev and Allan.

Mom's kitty, Sparky, had to get in on the action.
We carried gifts over in these baskets.
He thought that they were a wonderful play place!

We got Mom a chiminea for the deck.
She wanted one so we could light a fire
while we were in the hot tub.
That should be nice!
Can't wait to try that out!

There were tears when Mom gave me the
laptop that She and Daddy had purchased
together just before he died.
It needs some upgrades but it means a lot
to me.

My brother gave Jonathan a fly rod that was
first my Dad's, then Allan's and now Jonathan's.
He is going to teach him to tie flies and fish
with that rod. They gave Jonathan a certificate
for a week of Fish Camp at their place in Centre County, Pa.
That was most thrilling for Jonathan, I know.
He kept saying, "I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry!"
Bless his heart!

Mom's tree after we had emptied it of its heavy burden.
Now it looks a bit lonely...but still beautiful.

We solved our Christmas Dinner dilemma...
We had ham, turkey and roast beef!
It was crazy good!
What a meal that was!

Chelsea is showing you the little sweater that was
attached to the outside of one of my presents.

Bev got me a very pretty sweater from CJ Banks...
one of my very favorite stores. She tied this
sweet thing to the outside of the package.

Chelsea loves her new bed!

This is me waking her up this morning with the camera flash...

We bought the bed. The Grandmas bought the mattress.
She received sheets and a comforter that
match. So her afternoon was busy in making it up
and cleaning the rest of her room so it all looked so
nice. At one point she asked if she could leave Grandma's
to come home. I asked her what she was going to do...
Her reply..."Probably just look at my bed."
So sweet!

We enjoyed spending time with Allan and Bev in the evening.
Then finally had to call it a day.

We are blessed.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Carol said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. By the way, your Dad's poem is beautiful! I'm very proud of you for reading it at the Christmas Eve service, I know that must have been difficult.
Have a great day friend!
Hugs & Blessings,

daisy said...

It sounds like there was lots of love and happiness in your Christmas! Nice.

I really appreciate your dad's poem--I would have had a hard time holding it together too. It's beautiful.

And Chelsea's bed is awesome. My Lewie would have been like that when he was younger. He would sleep with his shoes on for a few nights when he got a new pair of shoes. So cute.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Really great photos Becky! What a special day for you and Jonathan!

Chelsea's bed is so cute!

Phyllis said...

Becky it was a great tribute to you Dad by reading his poem. It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

What sweet photos, almost nothing as wonderful as the smiles of a family! I hope you and your family enjoyed the most brightest and beautiful Christmas Day ever!



Martie said...

How wonderful that you were able to spend time with your family on Christmas. Looks like you had fun and made memories. Trust you have a wonderful New Years!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Becky! It sounds like a lovely Christmas, in spite of the hard moments due to your loss.

Blessings to you! Happy new years,