Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Sweet - Tea and Fellowship

If you thought you heard a huge
sigh from the Northeast this morning
it was probably me...

I am so delighted that the tea is
behind us...but more than that...
it was wonderful!!!!

There were four bloggers in attendance.
Someone got a picture of us...I think it
was Kelly so we will probably be appearing
on Cozy Comforts at some point over the
next few days....I was very happy to meet
Tracy, from Tracy's Corner.
She is sweet.

As for the preparations:
The work day began at 9:00am as Mikey and
I were attempting to find a tree.
I was "multi-tasking" in church on
Sunday and decided that a real tree
with the names of Jesus on it would
be just the thing!
So Mikey and I borrowed Georgia's
truck and headed over to a tree
"Store" set up nearby.
Apparently it was too early and there
was no one there.
This was a very good thing because later
when Mrs. Rabe got to the church she mentioned
a place that she had just passed and we found
the perfect tree there. Mikey picked it out,
set it up, and put the lights in the middle
of the tree for us before he had to leave for

The paper star/snowflake on the top is a Chinese
decoration. One of our friends is Chinese and showed
us how to make this Sunday after Church. It is so
delicate but only takes two pieces of paper to make.
This makes it very economical. Jenny said that the
people of China love to decorate but they have been
very poor...so they have been very creative.

Preparing for the tea was time consuming.
Mrs. Rabe does nothing half way.
She brought her tablecloths, glass dishes,
silverware, and punch cups.

We began setting the tables.
I got this shot in the very beginning
before we added punch cups, teacups, teapot, discard
plate, fork and spoon, napkin and bell...
the tables were lovely and full.

A sweet vignette on the food table...

The food...

We had scones, fudge, cookies,
sausage cheddar balls, two veggie trays,
crab dip, shrimp dip, a Chinese dessert which
you can see in the punch bowl,
crackers and cheese. Wow!
What a nice assortment provided
by the ladies of the church.
Chelsea was busy all of yesterday
afternoon making the fudge
and the sausage balls.

After the eating and chatting

Deanna gave a brief talk about
Keeping Christ in Christmas throughout
the Christmas Season. She told us
some of their family traditions and
opened it up for others to share theirs.

It was neat to hear what was shared.

We ended the evening with Christmas Carols.
How pretty to hear the ladies voices....

Finally, it was time to undo all that had
been done. Here I have to tell you a funny

I had been a bit hesitant to tell our Pastor
that we planned to have the tea in the Sanctuary.
I figured that afterwards would be soon enough and
less time for him to worry that we would spill
on the carpet or anything like that.

So we were having a grand time thinking we were
"getting away" with this. That he did not know.

Shortly before the tea was to begin I looked down
on the table that we were using as our staging point
and what did I find? A note from Pastor Mike!
It said..."It looks great! All of the floors
are vacuumed and cleaned for you! Have a great
evening! Mike"

We were busted!

Better yet...he had sacrificed his own time
and energy to make our evening even nicer!
He shampooed spots out of the carpet in the
fellowship hall...even after he obviously knew
we weren't using it...

What a blessing that was to Deanna and I.
His approval and his service.
Thanks Mike!
Oh, did we laugh!
Big time!

The rest of our guys got involved after
the ladies had gone home when they came over
and helped return all of the chairs and tables
to their rightful places. We are very blessed
to have husbands and sons who are willing to
serve in this way.

Well, this has been long...but it only scratches
the surface of this wonderful evening.

The men wonder at how we can enjoy something
that takes so much planning and preparation
and then is done in a couple of hours.

I don't know.

We just do!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Carol said...

Your tea gathering looks wonderful. The food looks yummy & the girls look like they're having a grand time!

Terri and Bob said...

It looks wonderful! I am thinking you should always end in Christmas carols!

Mrs. Rabe said...

It was wonderful!

Elijah's Mommy said...

I'm glad the tea went so well. It looked like a wonderful time!

Ronda said...

Oh my, it all looks so wonderful. I just know a great time was had by all.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I just knew I should have been there!!!

I am glad you had a great turn out!

Phyllis looks so good in the picture!!

Tracy said...

I had a great time last night! It was so fun to meet you.

lady jane said...

First off, praise God for pastors who actually **serve**! :o) Your pastor is wonderful for the simple fact that he helped make the evening just that much more special for all the ladies. What a blessing!

Second...wow! Beautifulness! Love every detail, Becky.

I'm curious about the Chinese dessert in that punchbowl. Can you share a bit about it? Thanks.


daisy said...

What a beautiful tea--how fun! I think my favorite part would have been the Christmas carols. That is one of my favorite memories from my childhood...the sound of voices singing at Christmas. Sometimes that was what we did when we got together--someone would start in, and we'd sing until everyone had had enough.

Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures! I'm glad you had fun, and I'm glad you get to relax a bit now. =D

Becky K. said...

You asked about the Chinese Dessert...this is what I know...

It involves coconut milk, a gelatin of some sort and french style green beans. I am sure there is more in it than that but I am not sure what...

It is mildly sweet and quite a thin consistency. It is an unusual combination for our usual way of doing things...but somehow it works. Several of the ladies really enjoyed it. Others were not quite so sure.

And you are right about the Pastor...we have a gem! We thank the Lord for him and his ministry to us.

Becky K.

Kelly said...


I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. The tea was wonderful and lots of fun! I hope we can make this an annual thing?!