Thursday, December 4, 2008


Science was never a favorite
subject for me. I was always
more into literature...and history.

So, you can imagine my angst when
in my senior year of high school
I was informed I would have to do
a science project and display board.

So, while others were hatching schemes
to solve the world's problems with
experiments involving rats and other
fantastic processes,you know like extracting
electricity from some strange liquid...
I was totally

Finally, it hit me! I could study how
color effects people's emotions.
Anyone surprised at this?
I would study people!

I got permission to "interview" about
30 of the elementary students and showed
them pictures which were dominant in one
color or another. This was so much fun!

I will never forget sitting in the hallway
of our small Christian School with these
kids one at a time. Documenting my research

To see the pattern of how the different
colors consistently made most kids feel
one way or another.

My display ended up being featured which
caused me to have to do a little bit of
public speaking for the first time.

Anyway...I was thinking how much that experience
over a couple of weeks has carried over into my
life over all of these years. I do think of that
when choosing paint colors. I notice when I am
in other buildings and homes. It makes me want
to offer my opinion sometimes in Doctor's offices
or other places where people meet. (I don't, I am
just very tempted.)

But, mostly this morning, it made me think of the
"Coloring Song" by Petra.
This is a favorite of some at Church.
We sing it regularly in our Small Group.
Here are the words...

Red is the color of the blood that flowed
Down the face of Someone Who loved us so
He's the perfect man, He's the Lord's own son,
He's the Lamb of God, He's the only one
That can give us life, that can make us grow,
That can make the love between us flow.

Blue is the color of a heart so cold
It will not bend when the story's told
Of the love of God for a sinful race
Of the blood that flowed down Jesus face
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can keep our hearts from growing cold.

Gold is the color of the morning sun
That shines so freely an every one
It's the sun above that keeps us warm
It's the Son of love that calms the storm
That can give us life that can make us grow,
That can turn our mornings into gold.

Brown is the color of the autumn leaves
When the winter comes to the barren trees
There is birth, there is death, there is a plan
And there's just one God, and there's just one man
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make our sins as white as snow

That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can turn our mornings into gold.
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can keep our hearts from growing cold.
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make the love between us flow.

This goes along perfectly with the results I
got back in 1985.

The YouTube version...

Just a walk down memory lane this morning.
Thanks for walking along...

Edited to add: I just saw this on Yahoo...The featured color for 2009! Does that particular shade say 1070's to anyone else??? That is the color that our entire lower level was when we moved in...should we have kept it??? Oh, the money we have!
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

Color has a huge effect on people. Since we painted the living room/kitchen area that lovely warm yellow (instead of tan) people just ooh and aah about how warm and welcoming our home is, etc....

Confession time, I sometimes drive by houses that just have bad color combinations on them and say "People, you need to paint your house!" If I had a bullhorn or pa system, I would be tempted to use it! hee hee

Imperfect said...

Hi there! Found you through The Inspired Room. What an interesting experiment. I knew color could drastically affect people's moods, but it's cool to see that quantified. And I love that song! We used to sing it in my high school youth group, but I never hear it anymore. That kind of makes me sad.

Anyway, have a great Thursday!

Terri and Bob said...

Yet another reason you and I are alike! I, too, did extensive color research in the 80s. I ended up taking 4 classes in color theory at college. I was inspired to do so because my insurance company charged me more because my car was red. And, I ended up totaling both red cars. I learned a lot about color and theory during that time!

Carol said...

Great post today Becky! I had forgotten about that song by Petra!

Thanks for your comment about my little Chip.


Ronda said...

It's true, color does have such an impact on all of us, whether we know it or not. What a smart gal you are (and obviously have been).

I just adore that song also.

Love & Prayers,

lady jane said...

That 2009 (1970's) color is GOLDENROD! Remember the carbon copy colors for documents? Goldenrod. ew. It was ugly then it's ugly now....although I *did* have a sweater in that color. And shoes. oh dear. I wore goldenrod.

lady jane said...

Hey missy. You commented on the giveaway post but didn't share how you're making your Christmas a bit simpler. Wanna go back and add that? :o)

Anonymous said...

There was a song in the 60's.

"Blue blue my world is blue
Blue is my world when I'm without you."

My sister would play the piano and we would sing this!!

I do have a yellow house and yellow interior walls in some rooms so I guess I am "hip" for the new year!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I guess I am with it too!

We do not have 60's or 70's yellows however, that is why I NEVER liked yellow.

Then the new century came and voila! I love the many shades of yellow!

Charm and Grace said...

Love, love, love this song. I am unfortunately on a computer with no speakers, so I will have to check this out on my laptop later. All those great songs from the 80s...I was a huge Petra fan then as a brand new baby in Christ. Thanks for your sweet comments... I am feeling a little better today.


Jacquelynne said...

Everything comes around again, if you wait long enough! You know, I just made a quilt with this color in- very contemporary looking. I guess I'm a little ahead of my time?