Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Balance...Harder than it seems

I am behind on picking out a book for January's book Club read.
It seemed so far away since we skipped December....

There are gobs of books we would like to read, the problem comes
in when it comes to money to buy books. This is not something many
of us in the club are willing to do each month so I am trying to find
books that the library has at least ten copies of.

This gets interesting.

Now, I needed something that is a quick read since we will only have
a couple of weeks to get it read.
I think I found it!
This book is called The Ultimate Gift.
The author is Jim Stovall.
It is about the Last Will and Testament of a very wealthy man
and how it relates to his Great Nephew. It goes through twelve
aspects of life and their relevance to making us who we are, both spiritually and generally speaking.

1. The Gift of Work
2. The Gift of Money
3. The Gift of Friends
4. The Gift of Learning
5. The Gift of Problems
6. The Gift of Family
7. The Gift of Laughter
8. The Gift of Dreams
9. The Gift of Giving
10. The Gift of Gratitude
11. The Gift of a Day
12. The Gift of Love

This is a great read for heading into a New Year, as we are all interested in making this year better than the one before.

As I read this book, I think about how if I had all of these things in balance in my life, how great that would be!

Since that is not likely to happen completely, I can at least strive for that goal.

We are all granted giftings that are stronger in one area than another. This is a good thing. Our idiosyncrasies make the world a more interesting place.

When I was a teenager I read the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of The Stepford Wives...freaked me out! But can you imagine a world where we were each the same. Perfect housekeepers, always dressed perfectly but without the ability to do things to better ourselves because we chose to? I cannot. I need my friends who are better at some things than I am to keep me moving forward. I have to recognize my own strengths and use them to help others. Any other way would lose its appeal very quickly.

So, my challenge to you today is...look at this list. Where are you strong? Weak? Choose something to improve on this year. Be thankful for those areas in which you are gifted. I really believe that there are more that you are strong in than weak!

You inspire me daily as I make my rounds!


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

Happy New Year, dear Friend!

Anonymous said...

Good list to ponder for the new year. Thanks Becky!!

Evan has a couple of books he would recommend for your group!! Ask him!! I think he has one with him. He has a couple of DVD's he might could share with your groupee's!!