Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on My Etsy Store...

Etsy update....
Nothing is happening.
Is this normal?

Am I doing something wrong?

I read others who say you do have
to be patient. 
So I will.

Hopefully, it is a matter of time
and not something that I am doing

In the meantime my creativity is 
bursting at the seams and I so 
desperately want to create more
one of a kind projects to post there.

When Chelsea and I were at the 
mall yesterday I didn't read the whole time.
Some of the time I was in stores
looking at unique and very 
beautiful containers that 
would have made 
the most awesome
of candles.


Maybe it wouldn't hurt.
I could always give them as gifts
if they don't sell.

Today I added a 30 percent off the 
first customer order at the end of the 
introductory paragraph....
maybe that will inspire someone who 
is sitting on the fence.

In all honesty we have had a very
hard week here and I don't have 
a lot to say so this is why you are getting
an Etsy update.  

Warren and I plan to go away for
the weekend and I think it is very 
excellent timing indeed.

Stresses of life are 
weighing heavy.

But, God is faithful.
He will provide what we need
and we will give Him the glory!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I have no Etsy advice...but I am happy that you and Warren get to go away for the weekend.

Vee said...

A weekend away will be wonderful.

Wish I had some advice to give, but I have none other than to do what you know and leave the rest with the Lord. I'm adding your Etsy button to my second blog. Not that it will be seen that much, but every little bit helps. (Oh, I was going to say, that in this financial climate, perhaps some don't have credit cards or are allowing them to cool off. That's my story. It certainly makes ordering online less convenient all the way around.)

Hang in there...

Vee said...

Oh, you don't have a button. What would you like me to use for one?

Marydon said...

Sweetie, things are SLOW everywhere. I hope it works for you but I found etsy not to be a BIG seller avenue for me anyway ... best wishes for successes.

Have a beautiful day ~

jAne said...

go! get away with your sweetie. leave the etsy and other cares behind. :o)

i don't have advice.
i do have an etsy account (very new) but nothing for sale at this point.

Gayla said...

I hope things get better. Enjoy your time away.

Theresa said...

Yep, like Marydon said... things are just slow everywhere, hope things pick up for you! Do not be discouraged:)

Hope whatever is weighing heavy on you lightens up my friend, I'll pray for that to happen:)


Melissa G. said...

Enjoy your weekend away!

As for Etsy to get the word of your new shope out there maybe you could offer a couple of giveaways on some of your friends blogs.

I'd host one for you if you want. =)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky,

A weekend away sounds quite nice, just fabulous for the two of you.:o)

Your Etsy shop is beautiful and doubt seriously if you are doing anything wrong. I think anyone who has started an Etsy have ask this question.:o) Give it time, it will come. I love Melissa's idea for a giveaway!:o) Hang in there.:o)

Enjoy your time away.:o)



Tracy said...

As one who has had an Etsy, I do have one little piece of advice. List often. Maybe once a day, rather than listing everything all at once. This keeps you at the front of the listings for your product. For instance, if you listed two weeks ago, and someone searches candles, the newest listings come up first. They'll be tired of looking, and/or have already bought before they even see you.

Tracy said...

Hi, Becky! Your Etsy shop is WONDERFUL! Good for you for giving it a go! An no, you're not doing anything "wrong! It takes time. Sometimes more time than we might imagine. Hang in there. The other Tracy's advice of listing more frequently is a good idea. If you can't do everyday, try every other day. You'll find what works for you. And as an Etsy seller myself, what I've learned is that Etsy is an over-crowed artisan marketplace right now, with so many selling, and many selling similar things, it's hard to get noticed. Find a few items you feel you make that are really special and plug away-- making little variations from time to time to freshen it up. Branding is a bit deal now in the arts. And most of all, what I've found, is that Etsy is not enough--other venues and ways to advertise can help. But you have a GREAT start. Keep going, keep believing... ;o) ((HUGS))

Phyllis said...

Have a great time away!!!