Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Two Hour Respite

This may sound ridiculous
after going on and on about how
busy my week is.
However, it was spontaneous and turned
out to be a huge blessing
to me.

Yesterday afternoon Chelsea had a hair
cut and color
appointment with Faith,
the daughter of my 
friend Mindy, 
who blogs

After the consultation
Faith said it would take
about two hours 
to get the desired

I said I would go look around the 
shopping center where her shop is 
located and then come back and 
read the book I had brought along.

As I headed out the movie theater was
on my way to the first store on my agenda.
I decided to just see what was playing
and at what times.
Ooopsie...could it be?
The King's Speech?
In just 8 minutes??
It was.
I spontaneously popped in
bought a ticket
and then asked how long the movie
would be.
Two hours, was the answer.

I went to the theatre and sat down.
I waved and spoke to the two other ladies
in the theater.
Just the three of us...big, big room.
Previews were running at this point and 
it occurred to me that this meant it would
run longer than two hours and Chelsea
would worry about what in the world happened
to me....
So up I jumped, leaving my coat in the seat
and hurried back to the salon.
I told them the plan.... now I could go back, relax
and enjoy the movie.

Not exactly, 
as soon as I sat back down and was 
getting settled in again my cell phone
rang.  It was Jonathan just wanting to 
check in and see where we were.
He didn't get much satisfaction because the 
phone didn't get great reception in the building.
Not wanting to disturb the other ladies
and the previews I jumped up and took this 
call in the hallway.

So once again I came in and got all settled.
This was going to be so good.
I just knew it.
Then that little voice in the back of my 
head started saying....
"Your bladder isn't going to hold for
another two hours."
Now here was the dilemma.
These ladies must already think I have
something odd going on.
I'm thinking that they are thinking
this is going to be a long movie if this
lady in front of them jumps up and runs out
every 90 seconds.
BUT, on the other hand wouldn't it be better
if I left just one more time during the previews?

Yes, it would.

And so, up again I popped and out to the 
On my way back to the theater I found a 
precious group of ladies looking for this movie.
I decided that this was my perfect cover.
I would have "gone out to meet them".
So I globbed on and came in talking to them.
They sat directly behind me and we all
enjoyed the movie together.

I KNOW what you are thinking.
Why did I care what two strangers thought 
in a dark movie theater?
If you were to ask them today
about the crazy lady in the theater they
probably would be clueless.
However, sometimes we put our
thoughts in other people's heads. the movie.
As it began words giving the date and
events were on the screen.
One woman behind me read it aloud to first I thought it was going to be
a very long movie if she did this the whole time.
But as she read 1925 a sweet little voice said,
"1925?  That's the year I was born!"
O.k., I thought, now this is cool.

As the movie progressed there was a scene
of Hitler and thousands of men.
You have seen footage of this before,
I am sure.
From the seats behind me once again came
a voice.
"I remember that so well, Do you remember?"
to which was a very definite and emotional
"Of course I remember, who could forget?"

Oh!  The tone and pain in her voice struck me 
to the core.   I was so touched that it was all I 
could do not to just get up then and hug those women.
I cried for the pain they had endured during that 
World War and for the history that is dying off so 
quickly now.  The stories that will never be told 
again as our Grandparents and 
Great-Grandparents leave
the scene.

In the meantime I was also immensely touched by the movie
itself.  I highly recommend it to mature teens and adults.
It is rated R because of language.
The language is strong at points but is not
pointless,  if that makes sense.
The writing is so very smart.
The scenery amazing!
The actors brilliant!

What a wonderful way to spend
two hours, let me tell you!
On an impulse and by myself...
sort of.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your two hour wait for Chelsea was a special two hour indeed! I'm going to put that movie on my Netflix waiting list. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Becky, This was so serendipitous! It was wonderful that you had such a positive experience while "waiting" for 2 hours! I love moments like this and I love that you got so much more out of the experience.
♥, Susan

Theresa said...

What a wonderful afternoon! Sounds like something I would do:) Love spontaneous thoughts and acting on them! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!

Tracy said...

So glad you enjoyed it.... and I would have been worrying about what the others thought, too.

Joyce said...

Loved the movie and happy you were able to view it on such short notice. There is a site you can see on your phone that tells you when a good time for a bathroom break would be during each movie so that you do not miss much of the story line. I think the person who invented this had kidneys like mine:-)

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so happy you got to do this for yourself. As women, we so often put ourselves at the bottom of the heap! Good for you!!!

God bless and may the luck of the Irish rain upon you today!!! :o)

LV said...

I am not sure it was the best way to spend two hours, but it certainly was a different one.

Buttercup said...

I don't seem to see a lot of movies these days, but I thought that was one of the best two hour movie experiences I've ever had. I was totally engaged the entire time. So glad you got to see it.

Vee said...

I am glad that you were finally able to settle down and enjoy the movie.

And, what about the hairdo? Shall we get to see it?