Monday, March 28, 2011

Oops! Another Crash.

I don't know how much more of this driving
fun I can take...
This time it was Mikey driving.
We had taken Jonathan to Red Lobster for his

lobster pizza

John and Jonathan

Smile for the camera....uggh!

Jonathan, John (a friend) and Mikey
had left separately.  Warren , Chelsea, the Moms
and I were in our van and running a couple of 
errands on the way home.  We had stopped at
Bee's house for just a minute when the cell phone
rang.  It was Mikey.  He had just rear ended 
someone and didn't know what to do.

We left immediately and I sat on the cell phone
listening first as the boyfriend of the lady they
hit tried to gather information from them
and then I could tell that a police officer had arrived.

Finally we got to the scene and were relieved to find
it pretty minor....but an accident none the less!
Of course Mikey walks away with a fine and 
what is hopefully a lesson learned about keeping
his distance.  It was one of those situations that 
just makes you crazy...Two cars away they slam on their 
brakes and then you are out of options....but if there
had been just a few more feet he would have been 
able to get stopped.
Of course the car that began the 
whole thing sped off,
but that is beside the point.

We are praying the lady in the car he hit is honest.
It is a good thing we have a police report because 
that should keep any frivolous complaints to a minimum.

So....if you are counting....that makes one accident
for each of the young men in that truck over the past
few weeks...two in one weekend.

ENOUGH, I say!

I didn't know I would need the "enough" look later!

We are at our quota!!!

Thankful that all three were spared physical injury
and that they had the presence of mind to fully 
cooperate and be responsible!


Vee said...

That look is very effective...I was sipping coffee and stopped immediately. Glad that all is well and I'm going to stop making comments about how good it is for all drivers to have a minor incident. Have an accident-free day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wow, you have had quite the weekend!

Hopefully no one was hurt and lessons learned, indeed.


Carol said...

That is "The Look" so useful for many circumstances. : )
So glad no one was hurt! Hopefully this week will less eventful for you all.


Theresa said...

Oh my dear Becky, I am so sorry about the accident BUT thankful nobody was hurt! Accidents are a pain in the rear:) Hopefully you will have a quick fix for the vehicles! Loved the "enough" pic! Have a blessed day and accident free! HUGS!

Turtleheart said...

Pfffffft, oh my, I shouldn't laugh! I shouldn't laugh!

Honestly, I feel sorry for that poor truck. What misfortunes that sad vehicle has been through this weekend...

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Love the "enough!" look!! A very helpful look for all of us moms! Glad no one was hurt! I have a driver with a learner's permit right now...and there are days I worry! :)
Hey and I didn't know Red Lobster had looks good! BTW, love the pic of your big 22 year old. Where does the time go?
Thanks for always visiting my blog and praying for us!

Gayla said...

Soooo glad the fender benders have been minor. It is so hard to have driving kids... Much easier to feel "in control" with toddlers, but so difficult to remember just WHO is in control of it all...