Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Chatting.....

It is that kind of day again.
The kind where I am so glad for
my Bloggy friends.

Being able to come here and just talk
as if we were sitting in my living room
brings me joy.
The beauty for you is that if you are not
in the mood for my ramblings you can
just close the window and 
you are free.
Pretty good arrangement 
if you ask me.

Sunday night was interesting.
Mom, Georgia and I went to a church
in Hanover to surprise my cousin, Ethan.
He and his girlfriend were participating in 
a concert with their college from Indiana.
So, while an hour and half was a bit of a 
distance it was a lot closer than going to Indiana.
They were very, very good.
Ethan plays the cello....beautifully!
We were glad we went.
They were so surprised to look out
during the concert and see us.

On our way back to the car we had to 
cross a street. 
It was there that we nearly lost Georgia
to a speeding car!
Man, did that get our attention.
I am so thankful that the car went over into the
other lane and did not hit her.

Then we stopped at a convenience store to use
restrooms and get a snack.
As I got out of the van and had just closed
the door a very large, very tall man
approached me.
It was dark where we had parked and 
it was him and me between two cars.
He asked for money to put gas in his car
so he could get home.
There was a sneering look on his face.
Something didn't feel right, at all.
So I informed him that I was broke and 
that we were just there to use the restroom.
Only for some reason I used the word "potty".
I think I was trying to be a bit humorous or throw
him off balance or something.
All I know was that he was very threatening
and I felt in danger.
What surprised me was that I never stopped
moving toward him and he backed off.
After the fact I have thought that I could have
offered to go in and pay for a specific amount
of gas on his pump or something ....
but all I could think then was to get away.
It was a bad situation.

Yesterday I asked my Facebook buddies what 
they would have done.
Most of them said they
would have given him a couple 
of bucks.
Some felt that he was just
wrong to approach a woman
under those circumstances.
What do you think
you would have done?

As to my goals for yesterday...
I made progress but didn't get it 
all done.
I remembered that I needed to 
revamp the candle website since I am 
moving all sales to Etsy.
That took a bit of time and then 
there was the fact that I hadn't listed any new
items for a while and so I made a couple 
of unique pieces.
This grouping of votives came to be because as
I was cleaning I came across them and it 
helped clean and made a nice package
to put some Oceans scented wax in them
and list them.
They came out great!

Photos of the candles in process are over at the candle website.

And then there was this sweet piece of glass 
sitting on the counter.

It was crying out to be a 
6 ounce citrus infusion
So, that was pretty much where my cleaning
got sidelined but I did get a lot done in the 
refrigerator, many dishes done,
a cheat kind of floor cleaning and 
then it was time to take Chelsea off to work.

I then visited my friend, Roxanne who has
begun Chemo.
It was good to see her...
and Mister, the dog.

I came home to make dinner for the men
and then ran back out to pick up our friend, Emma,
and then Chelsea and head off to a graduation meeting.

While there I got drafted to help the grads work on 
their class song.
Never intended for that to happen....
but while it was awkward to step into 
a situation in process
it was actually fun.

Well, I have chatted and chatted,
if you are still here
I applaud you.

  Have a wonderful day!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun to chat and catch up with you.

Theresa said...

WOW, SCARY and thankful you and Georgia are OK! Could have turned out so differently! God is everywhere!

Love the candles, always beautiful and I can smell them from here:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

jAne said...

the very fact you sensed danger gives me pause to believe you were right to deny him funds. he was wrong to approach a woman and i'm so thankful the Lord (and i do believe it was Him) bolstered you with courage to move forward - and him backward. been there done that. you were wise.

love your candles. beautiful.

Vee said...

You still amaze me with all that you do in a day. You're in constant motion.

As for how you handled the situation...perfectly. You didn't stop and open your purse where he might have grabbed it or have seen what cash you had. Nope. If your spirit sensed danger, you did exactly the right thing. You didn't disrespect him or call attention to the situation, you spoke to him as one would speak to any "normal" human being. And now, I know, that you have prayed for this guy and that the Holy Spirit will have His way with him.

And I am thrilled that Georgia is still with you! Good heavens. Sometimes we aren't aware of how close to danger we've come, but in this case, I'm sure that you all had a time of praise.

Sweet candles...

Elena said...

I am glad you all are safe. I would of done the same thing you did with the guy approaching me.

Susy said...

Working with the homeless, I know that was a scam. Thank gooodness for your holy boldness. A good reminder to always park in well lit and highly visible places, and choose restrooms that are inside a minimart. And believe Ps.91 (:

Bless you for all you do for so many. xo

Anonymous said...

In the situation you were in...I would have gotten back in the car and gone to the next place...Not a bright way to approach a woman. It was your safety here in this instant. Now if Warren was with you and he asked then it really doesn't matter what the money was for...just as long as you were giving and that is showing love!!

Tracy said...

What a situation at the gas station! I've been there before, and I would never open my purse in that situation. Looking down takes away the ability to fight or run if necessary.

So glad that Georgia didn't get hit!

Your little yellow citrus candle is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

There was one occasion when we were approached by a man asking for gas money. When we offered to use our credit card to give him a few gallons a gas. He refused; he wanted the cash. We refused to give him the cash. He didn't seem so needy to me at that point.