Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have I Got a deal For You!!

Have you heard of Groupon?
It is a marketing company which
promotes businesses at huge discounts.

Well, today's Groupon is for Shutterfly
and it is a photobook.  If you haven't seen
these you should.  You format it and place
your photos in it.  Mikey and I put one
together when he got back from El Salvador
and we love it!!

I ordered one of these Groupon deals....
A photobook for just $10 for Chelsea.
I want to make it for her with photos of 
her from infancy to graduation!

You cannot beat this price.
The book is hard cover
and the paper is high quality photo paper.
20 pages are included for the $10 but you 
can pay to add more if you need them.

If you go HERE and purchase this deal 
would you please do me the favor of adding
my code,     
so that I can get credit for the referral?

Another busy day ahead.
Hope yours is good!


Theresa said...

My Husband received one of these books as a gift! Wonderful gift! Have a blessed day and thanks for the code!


Vee said...

I've wondered about those... Perhaps, perhaps... Will use your code if I do it.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for the link to Shutterfly. My daughter made me the best Christmas present! She did a calendar for this year with collages of pictures on each page from family, friends, the farm, our pets, our last family vacation, all the things that mean so much to me. I absolutely loved it! We have been planning on doing a book for our last vacation so I'll have to send Hayley this link!

So, I see that the Lord has other plans in store for Mikey. He's hearing a different calling perhaps, Becky, or knows that what he was doing was not fulfilling its purpose. You guys have raised him well, so I know that he is prayerfully searching for his niche. I have no doubt he'll find it!

I hope you have a wonderful day, Becky!

Vickie said...

Oh yeah - congrats on opening your Etsy store! I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo books. Easier than scrapbooking!! Our Hawaii one turned out great!