Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Cheap Date

Well, as you could probably surmise
part of the stresses and pressures here
at the moment are financial.

Aren't they for most of us?

Well, I refuse to let the lack of cash
come between me and time with my 
husband.  He happens to be very easy 
to please.

He just discovered Sonic Slush!
In strawberry...thank you!

So, on Monday I was having a very,
very crazy day.  From Hershey in the 
morning to a meeting in the evening it 
was all scheduled up.....almost!

I had 45 minutes that were unclaimed 
between dropping Chelsea at work
and visiting a friend.

So, knowing that I would not see much,
if any,
of Warren that day I swung through Sonic
during Happy Hour!  
Gotta Love Happy Hour at Sonic!!  
Half Price Slushes, baby!

I called Warren and told him I was headed
his way with a Strawberry Slush!
He came out to grab it and I told him to 
get into the van.  We moved to the parking
lot and chatted as we worked to get those
hunks of strawberry up the straws.  

Funny thing, they were looking for him
at work....since he had no intention of taking a 
twenty minute break just then.

Sorry Jim, Melissa, Drew and others!
It wasn't his fault.
I am sure that since I wasn't 
at home to wait for him he
more than made up for that lost time.

But, for $2.02 total
you have to admit it was a 
pretty inexpensive date.
And fun too.


PJ said...

Those are the best!

After our marriage enrichment retreat T and I are looking for ways to show interest in each others passtimes. Yesterday I went to the "Pick and Pull" together to look for a tank for his bike.

It wasn't my cup of tea but it was inexpensive and time spent together.

Carol said...

Cute story! Happy hour at Sonic is a treat especially when shared with the hubby!


Theresa said...

Inexpensive date, tasty treat and a little time in the car with your Honey... PRICELESS:)

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Vee said...

I keep hearing about the benefits of those Sonic slushies, even though we have no Sonics in our corner. Glad that you found a way to have time with your beloved.

Tracy said...

Good for you!

Brittany Ann said...

With the baby coming, and some financial stress ourselves, we've been having the "cheap dates" as of late, too! Since it's about togetherness with our hubby, it's totally worth it, and just as fun as spending more money!