Friday, March 11, 2011

In 22 Years.....

We have...

Moved seven times.

Had three children.

Owned many pets including:
 4 dogs
a rabbit
a guinea pig
six cats
a hamster
many chickens

Owned ten vehicles.
Warren's 40th Birthday Gift - $500.00 - Really!!

 Attended Five Churches.

About two years ago at our current church.

Buried both of our Dads.

Moved both of our Moms.

Owned Five Homes.

Our first home in Lancaster County.

Worked four jobs...two of those twice for Warren.
    :-) Yes he has a hard time saying good-bye.

Shared a lot of kisses.
Laughed a million laughs!

Homeschooled three children.

Cried as friends (or we) moved geographically apart.

Started a business.
Talked about starting many businesses!

Sold two homes "By Owner".

Bought One Home "By Owner".

Drawn closer to each other and the Lord.

There has been so much in the last twenty-two years of 
marriage with my sweet Warren.
Today we celebrate and cannot believe how close 
we are to our 25th ....
but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
22 is great!

God blessed me with an amazing
kind and gentle man.
Warren has provided well for us and
works hard both at his job and 
here at home.

Happy Anniversary to us!


Carol said...

Happy 22nd Anniversary to you and Warren! Enjoy your special day!


Vee said...

Sweet anniversary wishes to you both!

Karen said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! (We had our 22nd last Sept.)

Lots of milestones to look back on over the course of your lives together-but seriously, only $500 for his Miata? Such a deal!

You and Warren each got a gift when you got each other. You are two of the nicest people I know and make a lovely couple!

Enjoy your special day! Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

Theresa said...

Warren wants me to have that car, REALLY he does:) Happy Anniversary dear friend, I just celebrated my 25th last year!

Enjoy this day and thanks for sharing the "what you have done" in those 22 years!


Phyllis said...

Happy Anniversary dear friends. Enjoy your day. We love you both.

PJ said...

I remember your wedding, I remember the snappy little blue skirt and jacket I wore in the ceremony... (of all the flower girl dresses I wore, yours was my favorite I felt soooo grown up)

Congratulations to you both, may the Lord keep you and protect you and His love shine upon you <3

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary and sending you best wishes for many many more years together....

Persuaded said...

Congratulations Becky♥ Hearing about happy successful marriages is such an encouragement to me!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you and Warren!

Elena said...

Congratulations dear Becky! That is awesome!

Melissa G. said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope it was wonderful!

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Vickie said...

Congratulations you two lovebirds! And thanks for being such a wonderful example of Christian marriage not only to your kids but to all around you!