Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning....

It is that time in a busy week where I have a few 
minutes to breathe before the next wave of crazy hits.

Friday evening is our homeschool co-op's Spring 
Concert.  This is my final year to direct choirs and 
the concert.  As such, of course I want it to be great.
I know it will be fine but it has not been without many,
many challenges this year.

The first challenge we realized was that the high school
biology class was scheduled during
the same class period
as the high school choir. 
 Many of my older students needed
to take the science and therefore
are no longer in the choir.
There went the experience....
and some amazing voices
and accompanist!
However, many parents who have
heard the Ensemble practice
have commented
on how nice they sound together.

Then Chris Tomlin decided
that March 18th would
be a perfect date to hold
a concert in Hershey!
So several of our students
will be there 
instead of in or attending
our concert.  
Thanks Chris! 
I'll never hear your wonderful music
the same way....
but I still love your work!

The Fourth to Sixth Grade choir
had some issues that required
us changing two of their
songs midway.
It was risky
but turned out to be
the right move.

A county wide choir,
which several of our students
are in is holding a concert that morning...
who would have thought they would choose
a Friday morning....
so a few are obligated to miss our dress
rehearsal because they signed a contract
with that choir.

Add to these things
snow and sick days. 
I am not sure I have 
had all of my students at
one place at the same time all year.
It has been crazy. 
Thanks to the horrible flu that circulated
this winter some of my
students missed three weeks in a row.
That makes it tough to learn music!!!

So...what is very strange?

I am perfectly at peace about the evening.

When it is great....and it will be....
all the glory will go to our Lord Jesus Christ.

For this reason the opening congregational hymn
will be....
To God Be the Glory!

We have put our time and effort into it.
The theme of the concert is
Welcome to the Family.

It is our hope that someone may come away from 
this concert wanting a relationship in the family of 
Christ.  Our music points them that way. is all about HIM.
He will receive ALL of the glory!

If you think of us on Friday evening
you could pray that this is the message 
our students, families and guests leave with.


Tracy's corner said...

Praying all goes well.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It will be wonderful. I am confident of this!

Andrea said...

Prayer request at arise 2 write.

jAne said...

the Lord will bless. :o)


Elena said...

I pray all goes well, I'm sure it will because the Lord is getting the glory and they have a fantastic director. Blessings to you today!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the concert will be well received!