Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is Going to be A DAY!!

One crazy day coming up!

Off to Hershey this morning to meet up
with Chelsea's doc and nutritionist.
Prayers that they would see the wisdom 
in backing off the frequency of these appointments
especially with the rise in gas prices.

Then on to co-op where we are just three
weeks out from our big Spring concert and 
there is still much music to perfect.
The students are doing well....but it is still 
a very big job to learn all of it.

Then to take Chelsea to work.
We have to leave co-op as soon
as it is over!  This is not an easy task.
There are always people that want to
talk about this or that.  
With good reason.

Then home for a bit before we have a 
family dinner at a new local restaurant.

We are supposed to have music practice 
after dinner but that is still up in the air.
Pastor Mike said that given our busy day
he would be agreeable to practice on Saturday.
That sounds like a pretty good idea to me
at this point.

Being on the road this morning gives opportunity
to pray for some pretty serious stuff....
Let me share and you can pray too.

1.  Marydon's husband, Harold, is having a very 
serious procedure this morning at 10am. Marydon's
best friend Sherry sent out an alert.  It is here.
I'll be praying for both of them and the medical staff.

2.  My friend, Roxanne (mom to Mister), has been 
diagnosed with stage three lymphoma.  She is in the
process of making major decisions about her treatments.
She needs prayer for comfort and wisdom.

3.  One of the guys who spends a lot of time with us
on the weekends was in a car accident last evening.
He walked away but totaled his car.  I am sure he 
will be in some pain today.  Waiting to hear more.

So, I'll be listening to Praise and Worship music
as we drive...
and asking the Lord to intervene on behalf of 
these friends. 


Theresa said...

I am praying down here in Georgia! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Ronda said...

Morning Becky,

I hope your day will be a good one.
Praying for your sweet Chelsea.
Will be praying for your other friends and those requests as well.

Praying for you busy gal you!

Love & Prayers,

Vee said...

Oh one of those days...lots to be in prayer about. Good thing the Lord never tires of hearing from us.

Vickie said...

You DO have a busy day, my dear, and driving in the car is well spent in prayer and reflection. I do it all the time! Listen to Christian music, and visit with the Lord! Have a wonderful day!

Phyllis said...

We were at the kids when we heard about the accident. We are thankful he was not seriously hurt. BTW where is this new local restaurant. We are always looking for new places to eat.

Kelly said...

I want to hear more about the new local restaurant after your visit.

Anonymous said...

I hope all went well with today's doctor's visit. Gas prices are getting out of hand again. I hate to think how much the prices may rise. Nice picture of Chelsea, by the way!