Saturday, March 5, 2011


I think my important items in life are in their proper place.
God, family, friends.

But there are some in our home that I must, 
really must, work on.

One of these is our evening meal time.

Over the winter candle making season we get used
to eating in a very....VERY...casual way.
I have been in the habit of filling the dining room
table with all things candles during those busy months.
This is not good.
It carries over then to the non-busy
times because we are so used to it.
I am going to change that.

From now on I declare our dining room table
a place for family, fellowship and food.
The work will have to happen elsewhere.

Dinner time will now hold
a place of higher importance
at Hospitality Lane.

Oooohhh this is going to be fun!
Recipes, planning, cooking...
I have missed you!

Priority Operation One in Progress!!
Now where is that Taste of Home magazine.....
Perhaps you would be willing to share
your favorite family dinner menus?


Theresa said...

My dining room table is full of stuff too and funny thing... that was on my list to do today:) We NEVER eat in there unless we have guests but you see it when you come in the front door! It is so easy to drop things, purchases for gifts etc. right there on that table! I am going to clean mine off right now, thanks for the inspiration! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!

Vee said...

Amen! That dining room table just gets too handy.

Tracy said...

Mine gets cluttered with sewing, and so... we just fixed me a sewing room! I know it's difficult to break these habits, too. It's just such an easy place to work!

Anonymous said...

I wish I HAD a dining room table! I miss not having a dining room in our home.