Monday, March 7, 2011

A Family History in Blues

I was searching for a blue piece to share
with Sally today.
I found a piece of history.....

My husband's Grandmother Charlotte was 
a Southern Belle by birth but a 
very loyal York Pennsylvanian by heart.

She was an interesting mix of both.
Such a lady.
The man she married had a house built for 
her in the city of York, Pa in a time 
when the city was much smaller and 
more rural in feel.

It made a lovely mosaic for Mary too!!! 

As I came to know the family it was
obvious to me that Grandma Charlotte was proud
to hold pieces of history in her care.
This painting hung in her living room.

The artist is F. Marion Dyer.
It portrays a much simpler time
but one of community and action at the 
City Square.

We are honored to hold both the plate 
and the painting in our care.
It is a heritage of which we are pleased.
Warren's Grandfather was a businessman
in the city of York.
He served in the Navy during WWII.
Grandma Charlotte worked in one of the
largest department stores for some time.

They were members of the Moravian Church
which holds a long history all its own.
It was a joy to attend Candlelight Christmas Eve
Services over the years.
This church held so much history and impressive
architecture...not to mention the traditional music
and readings of the service itself.

My husband enjoys...
a rich heritage indeed.

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Theresa said...

Love the plate and the beautiful blues! BUT, be still my heart... that painting takes my breath away! Love it and would buy it in a heartbeat if I saw it at an Estate Sale, perfect for me! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Jingle said...

elegant blue plates..
cute nature blues.
Happy Monday.

Tracy said...

What treasures!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is so special to have these treasures in your family.

Tracy said...

York, PA... my home town... how I loved this post & plate, Becky! Thank you for sharing this fun, pretty piece of you history. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Vee said...

Well how cool is that? I imagine that your treasures are more than just sentimental ones. It's always interesting to learn more about other people's family history.

PJ said...

Woohoo! Go Navy... lol, sorry that's what happens when your married to a sailor for as long as I've been :)

Cat & Cricket said...

Loving your plates.. used to go up to York College to visit girlfriends many moons go... can't say I "remember" much of those visits...hehehee..
Happy blue!

LV said...

Enjoyed your taking us back to the life of a special family member. Very interesting learning about this "true lady".

Sherrie said...

Grandmother Charlotte's plate is just gorgeous!

Tracy F. said...

What lovely pieces and such a nice story to go along with...
btw- we Southern belles rock! lol
I always enjoy your blog. :-)

Donnie said...

Such treasured pieces and memories.

SmilingSally said...

Great memories and a nice bit of history too! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Becky.

Deanna said...

I was wanting to see a photo of Grandmother Charlotte :D

The painting is such a wonderful piece to have inherited. I have a painting that I found at Salvation Army years know those thrift store paintings that are so collectible..! Anyway, I think whoever painted it, must have been inspired by Dyer's Forest painting. I guess I could call it my fake!

Loved how you made the mosiacs!

Deanna :D

Sarah said...

Becky K. thank you for sharing this pretty blue and your beautiful mosaics. It's always nice to have a bit of history around one's home. ~ sarah

Kim, USA said...

I am collecting blue dishes too and this one is a keeper. Love it!
Blue Monday

chubskulit said...


!Hope you can visit my My Blue Monday

By the Bluegrass said...

Very nice pieces and interesting story behind them.

Pondside said...

You're so fortunate to have the stories and the pictures to go with them - but I sense that you know that.