Wednesday, March 2, 2011


That is the title of the email that popped 
into my Inbox Monday morning.
It meant Paint Your Own Pottery.
I thought about it for a second and then
kept on clicking through the mail.

A while later Chelsea was looking for 
something for us to do.  It was a rainy day
and she had done her schoolwork
so in her mind it was time 
to make up some fun!

About four years ago we made our first 
trip to Jen's Pottery Den.  She had just 
opened and we wanted to do a project
that tied in with our world history.  Jen 
set us up with clay and paints so the kids
could make their own ceremonial masks.

It was such a fun experience.
Creating and laughing together.

So it has become a favorite 
annual activity.
We trek off to "POOP"!
Paint Our Own Pottery...
couldn't resist!
It really caught my attention on Monday when
Chelsea suggested that this would be the perfect
day to go paint pottery.  
How "Coincidental"!
On the very day I received a coupon!

O.k. I was game for this adventure.
It is so much fun to do.
And I have been looking forward to 
making a second dress vase.  
I love the first one so much!

The first dress vase....

So, I decided to call "the Grandma's"
to see if they would be interested in 
going along.  Some gentle arm twisting
later and they were in the car with us.
We were on our way.

When we arrived there were 
people at two other tables and Jen
got us set up with our pottery and paints.
Not an easy task...choosing your paint.
There are many choices and you have to 
remember that the color you see go on 
the bisque is not the color you will see
after the piece has been fired.

This was Mom's first time and she chose
two ice cream dishes to make for a wedding
gift.  I think they are adorable and the 
couple who is to receive them will love them.
She is not so sure....
But then, she does not have the finished 
project in hand yet.

       Mom made all of us laugh when she was astonished
that it would take three coats of paint to totally
cover it.  I am pretty sure at this point she wished
she had not chosen such an ambitious project.
However, I finished my vase rather quickly and 
was able to help finish up 
one of the ice cream dishes.  
It all worked out fine.

Georgia chose to be an
No project for her.

Jonathan made three coasters.


We are curious to see the end result.
He did some interesting color and design.

Chelsea found this really cute shoe!

I loved the attention to detail that she 
put into it.  

We'll see what it looks like
after it has been fired.
I predict we will LOVE it!

As I said before,
I knew going in that I wanted
to do another vase.

This one will have a navy blue
speckled skirt and a lighter blue 
top with a touch of white around
the waist. 

Hope it comes out well.
We'll know next week.

I highly recommend this activity if
you are looking for a creative outing.
It is not cheap but when you 
factor in the time spent 
and memories made
it is well worth it.  
Kind of like a leisurely
family dinner
(without the calories)
when you are all around
a table...lots of conversation, laughter
and good time spent together.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a very wonderful day!


Vee said...

It does look like fun. Now be sure to show us the end results!

Joyce said...

Your dress vase is so unique. Looks like a fun time for all. My daughter took her little son before Christmas and they made all the Christmas gifts and had so much fun. I have not done this in years but I do remember it was so much fun. I like that you said it was a calorie free event:-)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I like Chelsea's shoe! That's fun....please do show us the finished results!

PJ said...

Friends and I did this last year before Christmas to make some fun and funky christmas gifts. I made my Father In Law a pencil holder for his desk that say "Hobbit Fan" there's a very long story to that one... but like you we had a great time.

Tell Aunt Ruth that I think the ice cream dishes will be a HUGE hit!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is such a fun way to spend an afternoon! I love it!!

Happy day to you Becky!!

Elena said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see your finished dress vase. It looks so pretty. I also love Chelsea's shoe and the cute ice cream dishes. What fun!

JD said...

Boy did this post ever bring back memories. I would take my daughter to do this. We didn't go too long. Like you said, it's not a "cheap" hobby. (but then neither is card making---and to think I thought it was...LOL) I still have some of the things I made...never thought to post them on blog...I think I just may do that...thanks for the inspiration, Becky. Must wait till I get my new camera...Mine broke last night :-(

Persuaded said...

So interesting to see the difference between before and after glazing. Love the look on Chelsea's sweet little face♥