Monday, February 21, 2011

What is On My Mind Today, You Ask?

Oh!  You didn't ask?
Well, you are welcome to stay
and read anyway...  if you like.

See this little sweetie?

His name is Mister.
He is not necessarily as sweet as he looks
but I love him anyway.
This was the dog we fostered while his
owner found a home after leaving an 
abusive situation.

Sadly, just as she has gotten settled into
her new home and life it appears she is 
about to be diagnosed with lymphoma.
The surgeon who did the biopsy on Friday
was pretty convinced that was what he was
looking at.  We are waiting the lab results.

Warren and I stopped in and visited Mister
and his Momma the other evening.  It was 
the first time we had seen him since he stayed 
with us.  Wow!  That was fun!!
He remembered us and went crazy with kisses
and his little body wiggled all over the place.
That made us feel so good!
Especially since he has bitten so many
of his visitors.
Not hard, but he is
a very snippy little

Praying for God's best in this woman's life.
She tells us that she is at perfect peace.
A peace that just cannot be explained.


Today is Mikey's first mid-term.
We have learned that most of the others
in the Professional Gardener's Program
have already completed college.
His learning curve is steep.
Just learning the test taking skills and such 
that freshmen learn and being away from home
for the first time...all add to the challenges
he faces that the others do not.

Move in Day...He was so sick with the flu.

Mikey has been doing well but 
I know he is worried about what is to come
as the work cycle with a light class load will 
come to an end and the class cycle will start
in a little while where he will have six classes 
at one time.

Just makes a Momma's heart ache for him.
Although, you know, it is what he wanted and 
he has already worked so hard to earn this 
cherished spot in the program.
He is perfectly capable.

It was fun this weekend as we were in the kitchen.
I was cutting peppers for a veggie tray.
Suddenly he was telling me all about the process of
making hybrids.  I was quite impressed...
but then, I am the Momma. 
I've been impressed by him since he took his
first breath!


 Warren's mom, Georgia, is supposed to fly in 
from Florida this evening.
We are supposed to get a 
snow storm.
The weather man says that the heaviest
snow is to come just at the time we
would be getting her and heading home.
Bad, bad timing.

Thankfully, Warren will be able to drive us
to the airport.  We will see if her flights are on 
time and how everything goes with that.
She may end up sleeping in an airport if the 
connecting flights are canceled.
I hope not!
I did suggest that she just stay in Florida for
another week.  But, I think part of her is just 
ready to be home.
She'll regret that the moment she feels 
the cold and sees the snow!


O.k, I am done chatting away.
I could go on and on.
But, I won't.

Your feedback on Etsy and 
candle making in general is much 
appreciated.  I am leaning in a direction
that I need to discuss with Warren.
I'll get back to you on it when I know more.
I welcome all feedback!
You are the best!!!

Have a very wonderful Monday.
Hope it is filled with smiles.
They are so good for your face!


Terri said...

We do Etsy with our bath products. Not a lot of hits but we only have to pay a fee for what we sell.

I know you are aching for your beloved Mister. Please let us know what you find out.

Carol said...

Have a blessed day, Becky!


Theresa said...

I know you enjoyed hearing about your Son's journey! He sounds like a really sweet Son!

Hope the weather holds off so your guest can make it in safely!

Big hugs and wishing you a blessed day!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Enjoyed your little chat today. As a mom of a college student, I can feel your heartache.
Your new rose header is stunning! Love it!
Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

We got dumped on last night. At least a foot of new snow is on the ground. It sure was nice, though, to see a little of the grass during last week's melt down! I bet Mister was as happy to see you, as you were to see him.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for Mikey...he will learn to handle it all.

I hope that Georgia makes it home with out delays.

I should not be surprised that more snow is on the to check Accuweather.

Kelly said...

I am praying that the snow misses us, but the weather channel isn't really calling for any for us here, but Duane said he heard on the radio 3 to 6 inches. I really don't want anymore snow.

I'm sure Mikey will do fine. Even if school wasn't his thing, I do believe that when someone is studying something they have a real interest in, they will do much better than if they are simply studying something someone assigned to them.

I hope Georgia, and the rest of you, make it home safely.

Vee said...

Well how did this post escape me? Your friend will be in my prayers. I'm glad that Mister remembered you so well that you didn't get a nip.

Oh, yes, you would be in the path of that storm and Georgia would be coming in at the worst possible time. Life!

Mike will rise to this challenge and do very well. As you say, he is a capable young man and the Lord will Himself be standing in the gap.

Thanks for the sweet words today!