Friday, February 25, 2011

Can I Just Say?

I appreciate YOU!

Your willingness to take time 
from busy days to stop by my
little space here at Hospitality Lane
means so very much to me.

I love reading your responses to the 
thoughts I share each day.

This was a week of illness here at
our place.  I purposely said nothing
about it here 
because I just wanted to enjoy
and your responses to
my silly posts
or memories.  
You did not fail.
I loved reading about your
childhood memories with
"Bumps" in your neighborhoods
how much you enjoyed having teens
in your homes.....

I am feeling a lot better now.
A viral inner ear thing was 
  giving me fits!
Finally it is easing up.

Thanks for being a ray of sunshine
on this very foggy, rainy day.
These photos from last year 
are just about the opposite of what is 
going on outside today.

From my heart to yours...
You are appreciated!!
I hope you know that
your words 
make a difference!


Carol said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
I appreciate you too, Becky! Even though we've never met face to face I consider you a friend. Wish we lived in the same neck of the woods!

Smiles & hugs,

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better! You, too are deeply appreciated!

sueskitchen said...

Becky, I hope that you are feeling much better!! Have a wonderful weekend.
♥, Susan

Vee said...

How sweet of you to say so...I'm very glad to read that the inner ear thing is easing. It can't be pleasant. Have a happy weekend!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

We appreciate you, Becky!

So glad you are feeling better. Have a blessed weekend.

Hugs, Barb

Persuaded said...

Oh poor Becky.. inner ear stuff is just the pits. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Our weather here is absolutely atrocious- an icy/snowy/slushy mix that makes doing anything outdoors nearly impossible. It does look very pretty from my vantage point inside tho;-]

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but I am happy that you are feeling better.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Such a sweet post! I appreciate you too! You always have a kind word to say and I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for visiting me today and I hope you feel better.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Elena said...

So sorry you have been sick. I hopw you feel better soon! I love reading all your happens and what the Lord is showing you! Very encouraging!