Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Pretty!

I might have to plant some of these....
but first I have to find out if they grow
in Pennsylvania.

Wonder which of my kids 
I could ask for that 
little bit of knowledge?
We didn't see Mikey while we were
at Longwood Gardens yesterday
as it was during his work 
hours and I didn't want to 
distract him.
Of course there was that 
little problem of my phone
not having service....
so I might have tried to call him.
On another note...
There is a new blogger that ya'll just 
have to meet.
Her name is Amelia and she is the
daughter of Diane, whom I have come to adore.
Hope you'll pop over to 
Amelia's Stedfast and Whimsy Blog.

And on yet another note...
One just has to love that my husband
knows me well enough after nearly 22
years to get me Peanut M&M's for
Valentine's Day.
Funny he never gets that wrong!
I love that man!!

See you later!
Have a wonderful day!


tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky,

Yet another lovely post. The flowers are certainly pretty, and hope those lovely pink flowers can be a part of your garden.

I too love Peanut M&M's, something about that smooth chocolate with its crispy shell and peanuts that make me smile.:o) Certainly sweet of your husband to remember just how much you love them.:o)

Took a peek at Amelia's blog, thank you so much for introducing us to another wonderful blogger. Happy week to you and your family dear Becky.



Theresa said...

YUMMY, Peanut M&Ms... I love ALL M&Ms! Have you tried the pretzel ones, I haven't but I bet they are good too!

Love the pretty pictures of the flowers! They are gorgeous!

Have a MOST blessed evening dear friend! HUGS!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow, gorgeous flowers!!!
But the best thing? Peanut M&Ms! They are one of the Lord's great gifts to the world, don't you think? I adore them. And I'd smack my hubby silly if he bought them for me, because I'd EAT the darned things!

Longwood Gardens is spectacular; thanks for all the pictures!

And thank you for your kind words of sympathy on the loss of my father earlier this month; they were much appreciated.

Best wishes,