Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Etsy...or Not....That is One Question!

I've been playing around with the idea of
opening an Etsy store.

Those of you who have ever shopped or
sold on you have any advice?

Do you think the site can take another 
candle seller?  

Should I do candles and.....?

Are people tending to shop there more or less?

What do you look for on Etsy?

Sellers...what advice would you give
a newbie?

Just curious....

Trying to decide if I am going to continue
in the candle business... or not.

That is an even bigger question!

Lots swirling in this scary brain of mine!

I LOVE making candles.
The rest of my family doesn't love
it as much.
At the pace it is growing I have to make
some changes now...
i.e. making them elsewhere for one.

My kitchen has been outgrown.

So...I either continue to go with the
growth  and invest more time and money...
or I shut it down.


Let me hear it, please......


Theresa said...

Well, I don't want you to shut your business down because I LOVE your candles! I have only bought from ETSY once and do more looking than buying, but that is just me! I am curious to see what the sellers say! My Daughter opened an ETSY shop for jewelry and only sold a couple of pieces! Perhaps keep making the candles if you enjoy it and perhaps only do custom orders? BIG hugs from ME!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I think you need to weigh the time and frustration for your family verses profitability.

Melissa G. said...

I love etsy!I've ordered a few things from there. It's so easy to order from.

I think an etsy shop is a great idea. You don't have to pay to keep it open or to list items. And you can put as much or as little on/in it as you want.

PJ said...

Do you do a lot of internet orders? If yes then your customers are going to follow you to Etsy!

It'll be easier for them to suggest you to friends too!

Personally I love etsy, and purchase from there often :D

Good Luck!

jAne said...

i've purchased things on etsy and prefer it to eb*y.

i've never looked for candles on etsy but i believe you have a product that's special and therefore may do quite well on etsy. maybe you could set up a shop and see how things go for a few months. highlight the 'clean' ingredients and ensure your photos are truly lovely. your overall shop appearance should reflect the simple elegance of your product. pretty packaging (for shipping) adds to the marketing - making it a closer - and willing the buyer to return.

i say go for it.
i'm considering it myself (not candles though. lol.)


Vee said...

Oh that's a tough couple of questions. No, I don't shop on Etsy because I wouldn't have a cent left. I prefer shopping with bloggers I've "met." As for keeping on or not...that's a decision for you and Warren to make after hearing from the Lord. (Leave the kids out of having a vote. An opinion is fine, but not a vote.) Praying...

Kelly said...

I am wondering how much of a problem it can be for your family now that your last child will graduate soon and one doesn't live at home and one works. I would think this would be the perfect time to grow your business, as you won't be homeschooling anymore and your kids will have their lives to live. Those are just my thoughts. Not to mention that we love your candles and your fundraisers.

But, you have to know what the Lord says. So, my advice is to pray and watch for the Lord's leading.

Anonymous said...

I've peeked at a few Etsy but never shopped in one yet. I'm finding the comments you are receiving on this subject interesting.

Karen said...

No advice at all here-I've looked a bit but never ordered from etsy. Kathy seems to like it, though, and she simply fills her shop as she has time to do things. Seems pretty nice in that respect, but other than wider exposure, not really superior to how you sell now.

I love your candles, too, but agree that you need to do only what you and Warren sense the Lord telling you to do. Big help, eh? ;-) (And look how long my "no advice" comment is. LOL)

Gayla said...

I occasionally shop on Etsy. Times are hard Right now. It is something the Lord ill solve for you! Hugs.

Turtleheart said...

I don't know about etsy or buying or selling or money or candle making or ANYTHING, but I can tell you that your candles are awesome! I'm super sensitive to candley sort of scents, I can't even walk past Yankee Candle in the mall without my airways closing up on me, but I was looking at/smelling the candles you sent my mom just the other day and those scents are LOVELY. They don't give me any reaction at all. And they are some of the best scents I have come across. So I'll just say I absolutely think that they are QUALITY enough, no doubt, no doubt!

Becky K. said...

Turtleheart (Amelia)....
Thank you, so much, for your input!
I have other friends who have had the same experience with these fragrances. Bless you for taking the time to share that with me. I needed that about now!