Saturday, February 12, 2011

At the Airport ....Again!

We just can't seem to keep our Moms at home!
Georgia is on a quick trip to Florida.
We took her to the airport on Monday
and are already making plans for dinner when we 
pick her up.....

It was pretty early.

You get blurry photos when you take them from the side window of a moving car rather than in front of you.  But the views were better this way so this is just how it has to be!

Georgia rechecks her flight plan.

A plane awaits passengers.

Love eating breakfast and watching the activity outside the window.

"Just for our entertainment" they pulled the plane over and de-iced right in front of us.

Cute little thing, don't you think?

I would be terrified to ride in it...but both Warren and Georgia enjoy them.

And she is off....see the tail?


Mrs.Rabe said...

She is such a jet setter! She will have to get one of those little dogs and a pretty little tote to carry it around in when she travels...don't think that Beau would appreciate that! :)

She is leaving right when we are to get some warm weather - but I know she will have a good time!

Susy said...

Yikes! That plane is way too little for me (: Safe journey Georgia. And blessings on your candle-making B. xo