Friday, February 4, 2011

Convicted and an Attitude Adjustment

It is February....Valentine's Day is coming!
This is 
a post about the reality of marriage.
Sometimes I have moments that I am 
not proud of ...but God uses them to 
work on me.  I am sharing just in case
I am not the only one to feel this way.

You see, for most of our marriage
Warren and I have seen eye to eye
on just about everything...  at least he 
has allowed me to think so.  

But lately he has taken a different view
on the future of our country.  One that 
is rather pessimistic, if you ask me.
There has been a lot of talk at the lunch table at work. 
I, not so affectionately at times, 
have been known to call that group of guys
"the brain trust".

Warren has also been doing some
reading and has come to some
not so optimistic conclusions.

I, on the other hand, am an optimist all the way.
You could show me a plane going down in flames
and I will look for the guy coming out with his parachute.
I will be sure that he will make it......
If you have been reading here long you 
know that about me and the economy.

The other evening I was fed up.
I don't think Warren even knew it but 
I was just tired of the weight of worry that
 he seemed to be carrying around.
It struck me that his health was in danger,
more because of the worry than what might
happen to our country at this point.

I had myself so worked up.
I wanted to light into him and beg him
to stop listening to the guys at work.

But, something stopped me.

God stopped me.

We went to bed.
After a good night's sleep I awoke with a totally 
different outlook.
God has given this man to me.
He is the head of our family.
He bears the load of caring and protection
of our family.
Who am I to get mad or criticize what he feels
is vital to our future safety or lives.

I am not the only one in this house that 
God speaks to and leads. 
So it was time for me to get off my high horse
and adjust my attitude.


I still hope he is wrong and the signs of 
economic recovery are real and strong.
But there is nothing wrong with being cautious
and watchful in the case of disaster.
The load he carries can only be
made lighter if I am in it with him.

I have to consider
these possibilities:

What if he is right?
What should we be doing in 
What does it hurt to take precautions?

I have learned a few things from 
this experience.

Sometimes you (Becky) should just keep your thoughts
to yourself, for a bit, while you (Becky) pray for wisdom.
Sometimes you (Becky) find out that the problem is you.
Sometimes you (Becky) find a new appreciation for your
spouse and the things that motivate him.
And sometimes these things all work together to 
make your marriage stronger.

I love Warren to pieces.
I appreciate his leadership in our family.
I will continue to pray for wisdom in how 
best to be a support and help to him.

Marriage is not the wedding.
Marriage is the day to day.
The good and the bad.
Love says I "will".

So there you have it.
Real stuff!
Real life!

I am very, very blessed!!!!


LemonyRenee' said...

Applause, applause! Very wise and insightful. Thanks, Becky.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good post...after 30 years of marriage I am still learning this. I am like your husband and my husband is the one always saying "it will be okay"...God gives us someone to balance us and the truth is usually in the middle.
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love you!

A little prep never hurt anyone. We can talk about stocking your pantry, if you want to. :)

Tracy's corner said...

Your one wise women. I fear my big mouth gets me into trouble more often then not! Still a work in progress. Thank God!

Susy said...

I love your candor Becky. I've been married 43 years and keeping my mouth zipped (and my husband too) has been a great contributor to the peace in our home. Blessings xo

Linda said...

It is hard to know how to prepare. I think for the most part we must trust that as we obey the Lord and serve Him day by day He will provide for us both now and in the future in ways we couldn't possibly have foreseen or made provision for ourselves.

Loved your candor in this post, Becky. It made me think about some of my comments to Farmer John, and how much I really do appreciate him.

Nezzy said...

Your honesty is quite refreshin' sweetie!!! I tell young married gals who come for advice that love is a decision ya have to make each and every day. It's not like a big old hole ya fall into, ya have to wake up every mornin' and decide your gonna love that man next to you.

Hubs and I agree on an amazin' number of things but once in a blue moon we'll hit a concrete wall, if ya know what I'm sayin....

This was a terrific post sweeite!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!!

Gayla said...

Nice post!!!

Karen said...

Hi Becky,

I'm just testing...feel free to delete.

Vee said...

It's just like that at our house only I am Warren and John is Becky. LOL!

daisy said...

I agree. A wise friend of mine always says that love is much, much more than a feeling. Love, he says, is a choice. A choice you make every day.

You can look for the negative in everything he does, or you can look for the positive, and the funny thing is, they are often two opposite ends of the same thing.

I like to be spontaneous and be able to change plans or change my mind at the drop of a hat, but my hubby likes things decided and set into stone. I could call that consistent and reliable, or I could call it stubborn and inflexible. I can't change him, but I can change and choose my outlook about him. :) And just for the record, I love his reliability...even stretching that into faithfulness!

Freda Marie said...

Sometimes it is hard to "Let Go and Trust God" but my life has taught me if I do my part, God will take care of the rest. Don't ever give up your optimism Becky, your words and thoughts eventually come to life. I think your husband, as you seem to have figured out, may be concerned for his family. Perhaps we all need reminded the economy can have no impact on our happiness because we choose happiness. Though I may be lacking in what the world sees as riches I find my relationships and the impact I leave on others is all that really has value.
My Mother taught me, "you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad."

Melissa G. said...

Your Warren sounds like my Geoff. =) Sometimes i get so frustrated so this was a great reminder for me. Thank you.