Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If You Think HE Isn't In the Details.....

Think Again!

One of the stories from Peru that I have been 
anxious to share is such evidence of God's 
Providential care and provision for His people.

I know that I have experienced this in my life
but when I heard this story, which 
happened in the Andes Mountains 
about 10,700 feet above
sea level,
it was a reminder that
HE is at work...all of the time....
in the lives of people 
all over the world.

Months ago the trip organizer, Louisa, 
went to her former church in New York City
to present the plan for this trip and the needs
that they might be able to help with.

One of these ideas was a guinea pig project.

You see, in Peru, the guinea pig is a source of 
meat.  They are a different variation of our pets.
Much larger, these furry critters are kept in the 
kitchens of those who are 
blessed enough to have them.

Up in the Andes mountains the people are so very 
poor that they cannot afford to buy their own 
guinea pigs but in an effort to help them become
more self sufficient Louisa planned to set some of
them up with little guinea pig families.  Four females
and a male each for twenty households.  
This was what the money from 
the New York church could buy.
And so the plan was in place.  
The recipients were 
chosen and everyone was excited.

But you know what they say about the best laid 
plans, of  mice "guinea pigs" and men. 
They occasionally go awry.  
Such was the case here.

On the day they excitedly anticipated getting
twenty families started with their little herds
there was a problem.  
Only three families were 
represented to get their guinea pigs.
There is some debate as to whether
a natural disaster stopped the others
from arriving or an error in communication.
But only one person showed up
and he took guinea pigs 
for three families.

Louisa was devastated.
She had committed to the New York church that they 
were going to give guinea pigs to twenty families.
She did not feel right about using this money any 
other way.....

A day or so later they were on to the next church.
This pastor is a very dear and hard 
working man who just happens 
to be in 
a wheelchair.  

A wheelchair in the 
Andes mountains is a very difficult challenge.
There is no such thing
as a ramp or special accommodations.
This man does not let this stop him however.
Whether it is in the back of a truck or by bus
he goes here and there preaching and ministering.
His family and friends push and pull him
wherever he needs to go.

When the team arrived at the church the truck needed
to be unloaded.  Louisa asked the others to take care of 
that and she went to spend some time with the Pastor.
She was the only one on the team that could converse 
with him as she was the only one who spoke Spanish.

Understand that there was no way this man knew
Louisa had money for guinea pigs or anything about
the disappointment that had taken place.
This was all to have been completed by the time
they arrived at his village.

During their conversation he shared that the church 
was hoping to expand to include a Bible School.
They wanted to be able to do more for the Lord.
When Louisa asked how they planned to fund such
an ambitious project he said the leadership of the church
had spoken the night before and decided to set up a 
project for the people of the church in which they would
raise guinea pigs.  Each family who chose to participate 
would receive four females and a male.  They would then
commit to giving away the first five babies to another 
family in their village as an offering and good will.
This would help to prevent bad feelings and 
jealousy from the neighbors.
It would serve as an outreach.
After this the profits from sales of guinea pigs would 
go to fund the building of the school.

Louisa by now was amazed.
She asked how many families were there that 
would participate?  

I'll bet you can guess the answer to that question.

Well, there were 17, of course.

No more.  No less.
Just the amount that Louisa had money for.

You can just imagine the rest of the team's 
excitement as Louisa came out and told them
of the turn of events.

Not only did God answer Louisa's prayer 
about how to honor her commitment to the 
church here in the States but He couldn't have
been any more efficient in meeting the desires 
of the Peruvian Christians.  I mean, just the night
before they had discussed this and prayed for 
a way to make it happen!
What a faith builder
for these dear folk.

It will take time
to turn a profit.
Each family had to sign
a contract before receiving their 
allotment of guinea pigs.

Seventeen bags of squirming
young guinea pigs were distributed.

My Mom was asked to pray that these 
critters would be fertile and reproduce
well.  That had to be a bit awkward for her, 
but we have these photos of her praying.
I would so love to have this audio!
But alas, I do not....

After the details were all worked out,
and the prayers prayed, there 
was a time of praise and celebration.
How wonderful to see these families
and their joy.


To see the dancing 
and know that 
these lives have been touched by 
a wonderful example of 
God's love and provision.

She really can't dance so this is terribly amusing to her family.

But I'm thinking Mom did o.k.

A provision known to HIM well in advance.
HE prepared the way in the hearts of those 
from New York to the 
Andes Mountains of Peru.

Yep, Our God is interested
in the details.....

Pastors Ricardo(sitting) and Alfredo(standing)
 What an awesome God we serve!


Persuaded said...

That is a great story! It just made my day to read it♥

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. The white guinea pigs are cute.

Beth said...

WOW!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! That is so incredible!!!! You have brought me to think how God plans out so many details for us!
He truly is an awesome God, isn't He??

Mrs.Rabe said...

I do remember your mom at Jonathan's birthday party...of course she was medicated that day...:) Love her and Georgia.

This story was a lesson in God's Sovereignty. He was answering the church's prayer weeks before they even prayed!

He is so Good!

Tracy said...

Oh, Becky! This brought goosebumps to my skin, and tears to my eyes. Seeing the joy on their faces is such a blessing!

Vickie said...

My eyes are leaking, Becky. Isn't God just the BEST!!! He still works wonders, and when you pay attention and keeping walking in the light this and other "coincidences" are revealed to us each day! As a Christian, I do not believe in coincidence! In the mission field and the trips that I have been on, I have witnessed things like this, too, but this story and the way that the details worked was right down to the gnat's rear end! haha! I'm rejoicing with you in the telling of this story. Thank you for sharing this with us! And Thank your mom for her tender heart and willingness to go on this trip! I know she and the other members of the team were richly blessed!

Tracy's corner said...

What an awesome post! God is faithful. I do have a hard time with the eating of guinea pigs though. We've had several as pets throughout the years!

Vee said...

Such a great story of the goodness of God. I'm grinning to see your mother praying and dancing. That grin looks a lot like Chelsea's. May these families be blessed with an abudance of food as a result. (The food source is a bit disconcerting, but when in Rome...)

Mary said...

This was a "God Sighting" for sure. Please let me know if it is okay to share it with the Ladies Ministry at my church..We dedicate the 4th Sunday of each month to mission studies, this would be a wonderful thing to share...

Joyce said...

Wow! Those people and those little guinea pigs were meant for one another. All is Gods plans!

Elena said...

That is an amazing and wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing this!