Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Saturday Adventure in Lancaster

We do not go into the city of Lancaster very often.
In fact we kind of have to work ourselves up to it
thanks to the traffic and what seem to us like crowded 
conditions.  That is likely due to our home being in a very 
rural setting and our total love of elbow room.

(However, lest you think we are country bumpkins,
we do know our way around the city.
I only said ya'll and ye-haw onct...maybe twice!
Nobody said nothin' bout my 
milking boots nor straw hat!)

Back to seriousness now....
sorry for that little diversion.
Our friend Denny is the owner of this 
most adorable little shop.
Fab Fashion is THE PLACE in Lancaster 
to go 
for your next handbag or bling.

Denny does all of his own purchasing
and has an amazing knack for 
choosing things that make you
go "ahhh! pretty!".

One of these days he is going to have a 
web site and then the rest of you will 
get to enjoy it too!
I'll let you know when that happens.

Denny occasionally allows our friends Lindsay and 
Emma to fill in for him.  This was the case on Saturday.
We found them to be very helpful and efficient
when Chelsea found a pair of earrings to buy.

Emma actually found her inner model
for this photo.

I just had to show you some of the bling
that is available.
Did you notice the purses behind Emma's head?
So many handbags...some of you would just be 
in your glory.
I am not a bag-a-holic so I just think it is cool....
but I know people who would never want to leave.

After visiting with the girls
we were off to Central Market.
It was crazy busy.
Too much so for me.
However, I was happy for our friends
the Shenk's who have a stand here.
Hoping it was a good day of sales for them.

 Warren's extended family were Market People.
He learned to make change and deal with 
customers in a market in the city of York.
Warren's Dad grew up in a family that worked 
a farm and took their produce to market.
It is in their blood.

We used to go regularly and visit the 
cousins and friends who tended market when 
we lived in York County.
But, we have gotten out of the habit.
I think that Georgia and I will likely 
go back to Central Market again but on
a week day.

Not far from the market you will find this 
newer building.  
It was built to be all about music.
A conservatory.
However, the economy went south at 
just the wrong time and it did not make it.
Millersville University to the rescue.
The campus is now extended to the city.
I don't know how this works for them....
but I am glad the building is in use!!

 We were planning to get breakfast in town
but a quick step into the Prince Street Cafe found
no available tables so we skedaddled back 
to our van and got out of there.

We just breathe better in the country.
But, it was nice to visit.


Elena said...

That looked like a fun day of shopping and seeing the city. I'm like you I like country living. Thank you for your e-mail! I am thankful for your blog and your friendship too:)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I like to pop into the city for a meal or to go to Denny's store but then I like to head out for some 'elbow room' myself.

I love where we live.

Karen said...

You crack me up with your country bumpkin comments. Thanks for the giggles this morning!

Vee said...

Loved that unique sign...shoplifters will be prayed for. (I hope that they'll also be prosecuted.) I feel just the same way about "the city." One can only be there just so long.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - sounds like a nice outing! I love me some of them kinda stores! We have a place here that's called "Dressin' Gaudy" and it's about as gaudy as you can git! All us girls like to go there and get a good deal on a snazzy purse and some "bling" to go with it. At good prices, too! My daughter loves that place. So I know what you're talking about! I'm a country girl myself, but every once in awhile I have to treat myself! Enjoyed your trip!

JD said...

Great photos...been a long time since we have been in the city there to visit...but your photos make me want to visit again.

Kelly said...

Oh, Becky, you make me laugh. I rarely go into Lancaster myself, but, like you, I do know my way around. I also prefer more elbow room. I grew up going to market as well. Our little town had a market my grandma and I used to go to, and we still have a fairly large farmers' market that sells much more than produce and such now -- the Green Dragon, and my parents took us there every week. I still like to go to Green Dragon, but we don't go there very often either, especially in the winter.