Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Peru Story - Pastor Alfredo

One of the most touching stories to come from
this mission trip involves Pastor Alfredo.
He is an amazing man with such a heart for God.

When he was younger he lived in a part of Peru 
that was terrorized by a group known as 
They are a Communist Group who killed
many Christians and others that they didn't like.
I have linked to Wikipedia so you can read more
about them, if you like.

Anyway, one day at the funeral of the Pastor who had
led him to the Lord,  The Shining Path came in
and killed many.  Alfredo was one of the few survivors.
He had to flee this area and make a new life in a safer region.
The Shining Path had established labor camps so 
even if they hadn't killed him they would likely 
have forced him into labor in the Coca Fields.
Fleeing was his only option.

That is how he came to live and work for God in the place
our Mission Team found him.
Pastor Alfredo felt such a tug on his heart for ministry
that he would go from village to village seeking to introduce
the people to Jesus.
At each village he would seek those who might be receptive to 
his message and take him in.
To feed and shelter him so that he could share the
Good News of the gospel.

Sometimes he would find that.
Other times he would stay just a couple of days
until his body couldn't hold out any longer without
food and he would move on.

The fruits of these labors are the village churches that 
were represented at the events of this past January.
Our moms met and shared fellowship with those
that Pastor Alfredo has led to the Lord.

Honestly, Alfredo is like a modern day Paul.
He now had a circuit of villages that he mentored
but the churches themselves are now set up with 
lay leadership 
and Pastors when possible.

Now we come to the part of the story that both breaks
your heart and make you admire him all the more.

Pastor Alfredo is married and has a son.
His wife holds a job to support them because
Alfredo does not get paid to do the work that he does.
This has left their son alone to his own devices too much.
He has fallen in with the wrong people and is 
in need of shepherding himself.

The seemingly happy events which I have shown
...where there was much singing and dancing....
were also a time of saying goodbye.

You see, Pastor Alfredo and his wife know
that their son's spiritual training is their responsibility.
They have made a decision to move to a place
where Pastor Alfredo will have just one church.
He will be there full time for his teen son.
A very good thing, indeed.
He has been gone for much of his son's 
young years.

However, this is a heart wrenching thing.
The hearts of the people are broken that their 
dear Pastor...the one who introduced them 
to Jesus and has mentored them along the way...
is leaving the area.

They sang a song to him.
Can you just see the pain in their faces???

This was one reason for the dancing and praise.
Pastor Alfredo was determined to leave on a 
cheerful note.  Oh, how he loves these people.

But his heart must have been breaking too.
The Shepherd leaving his sheep.
Thankfully they are in the hands of an
even more capable Shepherd.
All will be well.

Please be praying for this dear 
family as they begin anew in a 
new home and church.
That God would honor their sacrifice
and restore their son to 
right relationships and most of all
a relationship with Himself.

This is the truck that the Mission Team rode in.  They were piled in front and back.


Vee said...

A bittersweet thing for certain... (Reminds me a bit of Franklin Graham's story with his dad.)

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, such a touching story. I will keep this family in prayer.

Your header is stunning! Such beauty.....happy weekend.

Hugs, Barb

Gayla said...

What sacrificial life! I hope the son wakes up in time, and the seeds he planted bloom!

Elena said...

That is an awesome story!

Tamara Jansen said...

That is a tough choice but surely a good decision for his son. What a story!