Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At Longwood Gardens

 Sometimes bringing the outdoors inside
can be stunning.  
I just don't think I would be up to the 
challenge of keeping this living wall
I remember one day that Mikey was working
here and it was raining non-stop.
He was assigned to work on this wall.
He spent the entire day picking any leaf 
or plant that was not green from this wall.
Know that this happens all of the time here.
Even as Chelsea and I were visiting there was 
a man working on the wall.
A lot of work, for sure, but, 
the results are definitely worth it.
It is fascinating!

 Another project that kept Mikey busy
in his final weeks as a Seasonal Employee 
this year was sorting pine cones.
We would ask him day after day what he
had done that day and his answer remained
the same.
"I sorted pine cones."
We would ask him what he meant.
Sorted them by size and shape
for some projects.
It was fun to get to see the end result 
of some of the pine cones....

There were several of these 
wreath decorations.
See the gold?

 I loved the soft pinks and whites
behind Chelsea here.
While much of the color theme
seems to be red and white this
soft palette was a nice contrast.

So soon the evidence of Autumn will be gone.
I was happy to capture this cheerful leaf that 
decorated our path.

A little bit of fun 
in the children's garden.

 One who is leaving childhood...
and entering the world of adulthood.
May she mature....but never grow out of 
her youthful spirit.
 It was a cold morning and so we were
anticipating many shivers as we took
Thankfully, the sun was warm and we
were quite comfortable.
It was fun.

 See the stitches?
They are gone as of today.
What a very enjoyable day!
Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Joining with 
Hope you'll visit there too!


JD said...

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Both Chelsea, and Longwood. I so want to go again to Longwood. I don't remember seeing that wall of Green. Where is that located?

Becky K. said...

The living wall is new...and gorgeous! It is at the end of the conservatory that faces the eatery.
Those doors in the wall each lead to restrooms. They are individual and family style restrooms. Creative!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Phyllis said...

I love all the pictures of Chelsea. Love her hair. She Is looking so much better and so very beautiful.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

That wall is beautiful. I know why my garden doesn't look so great. I can't imagine picking off every leaf like that :-) Those are wonderful photos of Chelsea. I really like the one where she's looking through the water. Her smile is so beautiful there. Her sweet spirit shines through in all of them.

Vee said...

Wonderful Chelsea photos and wonderful Christmasy ones, too. Those presentations of pine cones are terrific. Yay that those nasty old stitches are gone!

Donnie said...

I love the photos. Just lovely. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Chelsea!!!

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful photographs of Chelsea! I saw the living wall but forgot to take a picture of it!

Linda said...

What a darling post...Chelsea is so cute! The living wall is incredible!