Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Morning!

Just when I thought we couldn't pack 
any more into a weekend,
we did.  
Let's see if I can do a quick review...

Friday evening we had Bible Study here.
It was a bit tricky for me because the little dog
that we are keeping was so loud
and miserable.  
As soon as our song time was 
done and Pastor Mike was ready to start the Bible
Study I ended up leaving the study and sitting
with the dogs.  
Otherwise they would have
been just too distracting. 
I will be so happy when
our friend gets a new place of her own and takes
this little pup back.  
He is fine when it is all calm
and quiet here....
unless Warren or Mikey is in the
but crazy if anyone else comes.
Not exactly suitable for a 
place called Hospitality Lane.  
But then, I guess we are showing him 
However, I am about done with that.

The whole party moved next door to Georgia's
house for refreshments following the Bible study.
That was pre-arranged because of my candle 
business in the dining room and kitchen but also 
worked out well for settling the dog.  
Chelsea had made a brownie mocha trifle which 
was eaten up quickly.  There was just a tiny amount
left.  Given how much she started with 
I couldn't believe it!

One young man who is new to the church spent 
the night with us Friday night and then hung out
with the boys all day on Saturday.  
They had so much fun!  
I hear that he and Jonathan were trying 
to play Wii golf at 3:00 AM and just could not
sink their putts.  
Apparently you lose skill as you get tired....
you think????
Crazy guys!

Chelsea worked eight hours in the bakery on 
Saturday so we took advantage of the trip to 
get her there and we went to the Cupola Cafe
on Route 30 for breakfast.  It was wonderful!
Chelsea had a great day at work.  
She LOVES this job.  
I hoped she would.
She had some special customers.
Emma and Lindsay Rabe stopped in.
They made her work....
making a smoothie and a coffee drink.
She loved it!

I came home and made up a custom candle order.
A friend of ours has ordered a different candle design
each year for her Bible Study ladies.  I always enjoy 
coming up with something new and different for her.
But while this year's design is simple and easy I decided
to package it up in a special way. 
So that took some time.
Time I enjoyed....just puttering.

Then it was time to feed the boys.
They had been playing hard and just enjoying snacks.
So enchiladas were requested.
I made two for each of them (including a 
neighbor boy who had joined in the fun) and put them 
in the oven.  By then it was time to go back and 
pick up Chelsea.  So...we left instructions for the 
guys to help themselves and headed out.
I wasn't feeling totally comfortable leaving as I 
had just told Mikey to "get off the shed roof " and 
the guys had a fog machine going and were playing
laser tag.  Who knew what other wild ideas they
might hatch.....but Chelsea would be waiting so 
off we went.

Sure enough, when we arrived at the bakery our
sweet daughter was waiting on the porch.
Apparently they had made record time in their 
closing routine.  
But she was happy.  
So happy.
This is a bigger blessing than you can imagine.
I would have thought she would have been falling
over with exhaustion but instead we were able to 
go out for dinner and then to Lowe's to pick out
some lights for the bathroom.  
One of ours kept 
eating expensive halogen bulbs.  
So, we found some
inexpensive fixtures that I like 
and we are all lit up
once more.

Sunday morning found me in the kitchen making
macaroni and cheese to take to our annual Fall 
Fest at Creekside Cottage.  It was such a blast!
But first I had to make it through church.  I got 
such bad stomach pain at the piano that I was 
afraid I was getting sick.  Throughout the day 
it came and went but over all I was fine.  So 
still managed to greatly enjoy the service and our 
time together at the Rabe's.
You can read Deanna's post about that here.

After watching my new favorite show, 
Undercover Boss, I headed to bed where I 
was asleep in record time.  
What a weekend.
But, I wouldn't trade most of it!
Just the pain in the stomach!
That is all......

So, I hope you had a great weekend
and that your week holds many special 

I'll leave you with these
golden leaves.
I snapped these photos
this morning from our back door.


Tracy said...

Oh, Becky. I can't tell you how many times I've agreed to dog sit and then been sorry afterward. Bless you for being such a good friend!

I take it that the boys were fine at home since you didn't give them a bad report. THat always makes me nervous, leaving extra kids in my home when I'm not going to be there.

So happy to hear that Chelsea is loving her new job. I'm sure she enjoyed Emily and Lindsay's visit.

The Rabes' Fall Fest sounds wonderful. Wish we could have been there.

I hope your stomach is fine today!

jAne said...

i'm exhausted just reading your weekend account! but oh so full and rewarding - all of it - save for the stomach thingy. ew. psychosomatic (sp?) response setting in. haha.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I don't know why we are so busy all the time! :P

Yesterday was grand! Hope you feel better today...

detweilermom said...

You were busy! You covered not feeling well. didn't know you weren't feeling all that great. Hope you feel better.

Vee said...

Don't look now, but those golden leaves are thinning! Believe it or not, I still have a few golden leaves left. And thank goodness for the Burning Bush down the street.

Your family is so busy. I just read about Jen's family at Fiddle Dee Dee so now am doubly exhausted.

I hope that you will let the dog go if you feel that he doesn't fit in. Sometimes we can't remove the stress, but when we can... There might be a better fit with someone else in the family. ;>

Vickie said...

Wow, Becky, you really packed alot into one weekend! Hearing about the boys up on the roof, I had to laugh, I've had that experience and others like it with my boys & their friends. You just never know what kind of mischief they're going to get into! haha!

Now I could really use some of Chelsea's magical mocha drinks right about now. They sound wonderful and I'm glad she's enjoying working there. It feels SO good to us mommas when we know our kids are happy!

Beautiful trees!

Gayla said...

Whew! You deserve a break for the week after all that. I'm glad it was all fun. Isn't it neat to see your kids happy? Hugs from MO

Elena said...

Sounds like a very happy and busy weekend. I love the view out your back door. What a beautiful trees you have!

Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear the job is going well and Chelsea loves it. That is wonderful!

Sounds like it was a very busy but fun weekend (other than the stomach thing-yuck!). I love Undercover Boss, too and try to catch it each week. A feel good show to finish out the weekend...