Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Williamsburg, Home and Hospital....

All in one day!
Oh my goodness.

We were just one vehicle of many on 
Interstate 95 today.  It took a very long
time to get home from our amazing days
away.  We arrived back just in time for 
Jonathan, Mikey and Chelsea to head into
Lancaster for Rollerblading....

(The many faces of Chelsea.......
taken on  Monday at the Beach.
These are not in the running for 
her senior picture but I love the different 
expressions, nonetheless.)

They were so happy and excited to go
rollerblading together again.
Today was Mikey's last day as a seasonal
employee at Longwood Gardens.
He has just over a month before he
returns as a student.

Anyway, both Chelsea and Mikey were hopeful 
that we would return in time for them to 
get to skate this evening......we did!

Before long, though, a call came.
Warren and I were to come 
to the skating rink immediately.

Chelsea had fallen and had a serious
cut on her chin.  She was awake and 
talking so they would wait at the rink
for us.

It was a very long ride from our home
in the Southern end of the County to 
the city of Lancaster.  
Warren was tense.
I could tell....he was very worried.
Of course it goes without saying that 
I was wondering if Mikey 
had told me everything. 

We arrived and Warren dropped me off
as close to the front door as he could get
and went to park the car.

I found my girl, surrounded by her brothers
lying on a carpet covered bench.
She was bandaged and holding ice to her chin.
There was no point in removing the bandages 
there to look.  We were headed for emergency 
treatment.  One of the employees at the skating
rink is a nurse.  She had been the one to do the 
first aid treatment and said that Chelsea would 
need stitches.
At the Emergency Room 
Chelsea got so scared...
but she was great during the treatment.
The doctor was very, very impressed!

She got three stitches inside 
and about eight or ten on the outside.  
Poor girl.

This has been a crazy day.
From Virginia this morning
to the Hospital this evening.
We are thankful that stitches could
make it all better.

We are also very proud of all three
of our children.
For sticking together in a time of
difficulty and showing
genuine caring and concern.

My heart was so blessed when we walked
to the car....
one brother on each side of
Holding her steady.
So gently.
She...and we...are thankful to have
such special young men in our lives.


Vee said...

Sometimes a gal just needs a brother or two. I'm so sorry that Chelsea was hurt and had to have stitches. I'll be praying that they heal quickly. Beautiful pictures of Chelsea, too. Now I'm wondering which one was selected as her senior picture.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Chelsea texted Emily tonight, so we knew all about it a few hours ago!

Poor girl!

We are thankful for the time we had in Williamsburg, too. Fun stuff!

We had a long day of travel back as well, but left later than you we hit some rush hour mess as well!

We are home and the turkey is in the oven roasting away!

LV said...

What a terrible way to end a almost perfect day. These things just will happen, no matter what age we are. I trust the cut does not leave a scar. You must remember, it could have been worse.

jAne said...

i'm thankful for medical care.
i'm thankful chelsea has loving parents. i'm thankful chelsea's brothers are protective. i'm thankful the wound wasn't worse.
i'm thankful you're a family.


Melissa G. said...

Ohh, what a day! So sorry to hear about Chelsea! =(

Susy said...

It's wonderful how the kids pulled together ~ and hope Chelsea heals quickly. She has a beautiful smile. xo

Gayla said...

What a day! Glad it all worked out!

Tracy's corner said...

Oh my goodness! Poor girl. Love your pictures. Sounds like you raised fine young men!

Elena said...

I loved all the pictures! Very cute:) I am so sorry about Chelsea's accident, I hope she will heal up fast and not be too sore. Happy Thanksgiving!

JD said...

Sorry to hear about Chelsea's accident...Hope all is fine now.
and hope you were still able to have a nice Thanksgiving. Hugs,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So sorry to hear about Chelsea's accident! I hope she heals quickly. She is a very pretty girl, and I love her beautiful eyes! They just sparkle in every photo :-)