Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Happy Pair

 This morning's post has 
gone to the birds!

 Two sweet birds 
found at Rite Aid.

 Two adorable stands
for fifty cents each from
the Thrift Store....

It was love at first sight.

See how she is listening to 
his every word?

I wonder if she is just 
seeming to listen but inside 
she is preparing the grocery list?

Hmmmm....I would hate to think that!


Susy said...

You made me laugh. Oh how we ladies love our birds, and those two are sweeties. Just like you. Have a blessed weekend.

Tracy's corner said...

Very cute!!

Vee said...

Wouldn't that be cool? :D Very cute little birds...

Gayla said...

I think your twitter is so tweet... hahaha... Seriously, they are adorable. Hugs...

Tracy said...

They're adorable, Becky! Hmm... do you have a penchant for bird figurines? If so, I may have just solved a crime! LOL