Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

It has been insane 
in these parts!

My poor house and laundry pile.
Thank the Lord for such a wonderful
husband who knows how to make clothes
get clean.  I found clean jeans in my drawer
yesterday and was so thankful!

Chelsea washes her own clothes but for 
the most part we spoil the boys and do their
wash.  But laundry is just one part of my life
in which I am slacking.
I wrote a love note to Warren in the
dust on the TV screen in our room.
It is still there!

Those things that just have to be done are

1.  The making and delivery of
hundreds and hundreds
of candles on Monday evening.
With more to go out on Thursday 
and a new Fundraiser Kick-off
on Saturday.

2.  Childcare for a local MOPS group...
where I found a 
mysterious lump on a baby's back.
Please pray that it is
Little Victoria is sooooo sweet
and we would all
be crushed if she is ill.
Her mother had not noticed it so it
was a scary moment for her.
On the way to this yesterday
morning we dropped off
the baked goods order
that Chelsea has been working
on this week.
Sharing the kitchen with candle making
insanity was a challenge
for her but she rose to it and made
three dozen muffins,
six dozen cookies,
a huge Caramel Apple Trifle
and a large
Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
Yay!  That job is done.
She wasn't working when she committed 
to do this.  
It ended up being a
challenge with scheduling
but was good experience for her,
in any case.

3.  The painting project at church.
Our little nursery is getting
to be very cute!
I must get back over there
and put the border
up and take some pictures to show....
I was grateful for help from
my Chinese friend, Jenny,
and her mother.
Neither knew how to 
paint but were eager to learn.
It was the perfect project for learning.
Not too big and not too visible.
Jenny's mother was so eager and
made me smile because she neither speaks
or understands much
English at all but she dug right
in and we had a great time. 

4.  A shopping trip with Chelsea....
yes, it was necessary.  
Some members of our
family are going to Williamsburg, VA
Sunday night through Wednesday
and we are planning to 
take some senior photos of our girl.
She just "had" to have
clothes that no one has seen
yet for this project.  I am not 
sure I understand completely....
but I definitely get it from the
female perspective.
Yep!  Had to be new and different.
Her "case" was helped by the
fact that she is beating the anorexia
and new sizes just plain fit better....
No....she is not getting big,
like she often thinks....
in fact the saleswoman who
had no idea about the
anorexia was making
comments about how we would
all love to be as tiny as

but our girl is getting
closer to a normal weight.
She is sooooo beautiful!!!

5.  Today is this week's first trip to
Hershey for Chelsea's appointment
with her doctor.
Hoping for good news.
Tomorrow is another trip
to Hershey to see her nutritionist.
Usually we can see both in one 
day but scheduling just didn't
work for us this time.  

6.  Getting Chelsea to and from the
bakery/cafe job which she LOVES!
I have to admit having help in this
department from my darling mother!
She has bailed me out at least twice
lately which has given me time to either
work on candles or go driving with Jonathan.
He continues to work toward
getting his driver's license.
I don't know if I told you that
Mikey got a truck
so this frees up our car for Jonathan.
He is eager to get his license and we 
are eager for him to have it....
so we have to squeeze in some drive time.
Scary....but necessary.
I can honestly say that this is
the one part of parenting
that I would gladly hand
off to someone else.
I am a horrible passenger under
any circumstances....
a learning driver just makes me
a puddle of nerves.  
That doesn't really help them...
but I try to be calm, really I try.

7.  Dealing with the owner of the dog
which we are fostering.
There are so 
many phone calls during the day as her
life works toward coming back into 
focus.  Please pray with me that
she will have a home soon.
Mister needs to 
be out of our house by Saturday,
at the latest, as he hates the family members 
who are not going to Williamsburg
and bites them when possible.
It will NOT 
work to leave him behind with them......

8.  Tomorrow is our final day of
homeschool co-op for 2010.
I will be so glad for that
Thursday afternoon back into our 
time bank....but I will miss "my" kids.
They make me smile!

So...that is just a taste of what is keeping me
busy these days.  One never knows what will be
next but you know I was snapped to reality and 
into perspective when I read this post by Tracy.
Praising God with her that her dear husband will be
o.k. after this horrible accident.

Then I did a happy dance when I read 
A week of the "stomach flu"
was sooooo much more!!!

So....I'll see you when I see you.
Maybe as soon as tomorrow...
maybe not.
But know that we are
hanging in there and
are looking forward to 
a quiet Thanksgiving Day 
with dinner at Georgia's and a 
highlight of smashing pumpkins.
Those very pumpkins that 
I posted earlier.
They were purchased with Thanksgiving
Day in mind....tee-hee!
We look forward to some very strange 
things around here.....



Tracy said...

Smiling and laughing...I know what you mean, the day are busy, super-busy... but the good kind of busy too. *breathe*... all will be well, all will be done. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses now and then, so to speak. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am looking forward to those days at Williamsburg as well!

Busy days, good days....thankful days!

Susy said...

Wow, that's inspiring ~ mostly because you keep such a sweet disposition in the midst of it all (: and am praying your friend and her doggy will find a home.

tea time and roses said...

You are certainly the busy one dear Becky! Be sure to take a few me breaks between all the action:o) It has been quite busy around our place too, but I believe you've got me beat!:o)

Continue to enjoy a beautiful week.



Brittany Ann said...

Thank you, sweet friend! Your support is so appreciated!

And, also, though I know I've never met Chelsea, I am just so incredibly proud of her and all the progress she is making! So happy for you and her! God is good, and I am so grateful He is helping her heal so well!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love Williamsburg. I'm sure everyone going there will have a great time!

Ronda said...

Oh my, how busy you are. Yet you seem so positive. Wish I could be like you. Often times when my life gets beyond busy, I find it difficult (depending on the situations of course) to stay positive.

Have A Peachy Keen Day!!!!

Love & Prayers,

Ronda said...

I forgot to tell you to ...
Have fun, relax much, enjoy all!!

Have a wonderful trip.!!!

Love & Prayers,

Elena said...

That is such good news that Chelsea is doing better and gaining weight! Blessings to you in your many, many activites:)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness Becky, you are one busy lady! I hope you're able to really enjoy your time in Williamsburg!

Melissa G. said...

Oh my goodness! You're a busy lady! I feel bad adding another candle order to all that!