Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Tale of A Christmas Tree

Our 2009 Christmas Tree
Sometimes one wants to mix things up a bit.
Last year we donated our familiar
artificial tree to our church 
and got a real tree for the first time in years.

You see,
while the kids were young the thoughts
of fire danger were always 
just in the back of my mind....
A real tree was an additional risk
that we didn't need to take.

But, as our children are now
nearly grown
we have decided to experiment with
the real tree concept again.

Well, some of us have.

Warren doesn't understand why we would
want to spend perfectly good money 
on a tree which will be very, very dead
within a few weeks.

Chelsea, Mikey and I took things into 
our own hands the other morning...
with Warren's knowledge and 
grudging approval.

We needed milk anyway and they
were selling these trees outside of 
our dairy.
As Mikey has a truck now we piled
in and off we went.


Lets just say that when the tree is all
trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey it 
is impossible to really get a grasp on its size.

This is the first time....ever...
in our home that a tree has 
been allowed to sit naked for more than
a few minutes.
We are now headed into day three.
Not a light or decoration in sight.

Chelsea was devastated.
Mikey was nonplussed.
He simply began hacking at the tree.
I was wringing my hands and warning 
him not to make the tree ugly.
He pointed out that it would be hard
to hurt it.
He was sort of right.
It was horrific!

So the back of the tree is now 
on the burn pile and the massive
bulk has been shoved into the corner.

I kept telling them that this is the fun
they have been missing
all of these years.
That other families get to 
have these adventures 
on a regular basis.
Chelsea did not buy it.
She still hates the tree.

But, you know,
this tree is growing on me.
Given some lights,
ribbon and ornaments it will 
be sweet.
She will see.

We might be a bit like the tree.
A bit awkward and unexpected.
But with the light of Jesus
and the smile He gives
adorning our face...
we are just fine.
One might even say we are beautiful....
because of His work in and on us.

Photos to come later.....
It is another busy day at Hospitality Lane.


Anonymous said...

We put up a real tree for years. Since 2005 we've put up an artificial tree. That's the year we laid down carpet in our living room. I didn't want the mess of a real tree. Our Christmas tree stands now in our living room, with its pre-lit lights being its only decor. I hope to adorn it with ornaments tomorrow.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You just are not an experienced real tree buyer! :)

I can't wait to see it. Poor tree with it's backside all cut off!

Poor, poor tree.

Vee said...

You do know that if the backside has been cut off, it's not going to live as long as it might have otherwise. Your story has me grinning AND wringing my hands along with you. I'm sure that it will be beautiful once it's decorated. (Please promise me that you'll never bring home a bundled tree again!) Great analogy!

Weezer said...

It sounds like you started with something not-so-bad and created the little Charlie-Brown-Christmas tree. We've had a real tree for years but this year we're talking about maybe going the artificial route. So far I just haven't gotten into the put-up-a-tree mood. Without a Thanksgiving (down in Belize) I'm feeling like it's just not time.
Ican't wait to see photos of what you create with your new greenery.

Melissa G. said...

Your tree from last year is beautiful!
You're right, once the tree is decorated it will look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is pretty!! You can't even see the back side! I like the Blue Christmas ornaments!!

Sent a link to Chelsea, here it is just in case you want to look also!!

Elena said...

That is such a funny story about your tree! We used our artificial tree this year to save money. I like it because we can have it up all month and Mary just loves it:) I look forward to your pictures.

Susy said...

You're so cute, you make everything an adventure. I'm sure when you're finished, it will be beautiful. (The secret is to load it with decorations.) Blessings xo