Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just a Peek

We are sitting in McDonalds this evening....
Just to use the Wi-fi....although this necessitated 
orders of hot fudge sundaes, drinks, and even some
Chicken McNuggets.  

One wouldn't think we would need anything since we
had a full dinner of Roast, Potatoes and Salad....
but it would seem that we can always find a place for more.
Especially when it comes with an internet connection.

I just thought I would pop in here and show you a couple 
of pictures from our past couple of days here in Virginia.
Our time here is finished tomorrow.  We will head home
in the morning.  It has been time well spent.  Sweet fellowship 
with our dear friends, The Rabes and gathering pictures of 
the girls.  Well, sometimes we had to take photos of all of the 
children....they are just too cute.

From Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA....
not the senior photo choices but some fun ones.


And then in Colonial Williamsburg...

Warren discovered connectivity while we were sitting
on  Mr. Carter's porch.....
The girls were chatting with each other.
Too funny.
Well, it is late.  
It is taking a LONG time to load
Tomorrow at home will go better.
I am anxious to show you some
of the potential choices for senior photo
as well as some silly ones.

The girls are so good at being silly!


Mrs.Rabe said...

We had such a good day!

We will have better connectivity at home!

We are thankful for the time we have had here with you all!

Vee said...

Safe travels...

Looking forward to seeing more. It's so interesting to see that it is warm enough to go without a jacket or sweater there. Wonderful photos of the girls... And I enjoyed seeing the seagull, too.

Elena said...

That is so cool! I look forward to seeing choices for her Senior Photo:)

Persuaded said...

Hey Becks.... check out my blog this morning. You might find it a bit interesting

Tracy's corner said...

Great pictures

Ronda said...

Glad to hear everyone is having such a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Have A Peachy Keen Thanksgiving!

Love & Prayers

Gayla said...

what a great way to spend pre-Thanksgiving week. Glad you had fun.