Thursday, November 11, 2010

Want to Be A Millionaire?

Create a dog toy that makes the dog 
think they are shredding tissue but does
not make a mess!

Bandit is making me crazy!

It is cold season here.

Jonathan and Chelsea have not been feeling
well and each trash can has 
a large supply of

Bandit loves that!

I feel so icky cleaning up behind
her.  We are putting trash cans up high,
closing doors and trying hard to make
it impossible for her to get them...
but she is a very resourceful and 
determined pup!

So.....if you feel the urge
just go ahead and design that
perfect dog toy.
We will buy several!

Otherwise, I can just see us
getting some electric fencing for 
the trash cans!


Jeanne said...

Good morning Becky, I am laughing at your tissue problem with Bandit. We suffer the same problem with Cheri' and it isn't pretty. She will steal a dinner napkin off your lap and shred it in seconds. Yesterday it was a toilet paper roll. Worse yet she ruined a brand new pair of underwear. She also loves my hub's hankies. Yuck. I thought she had a hankie and I am secretly hoping she will tear them all to pieces. Then maybe he will use tissue. HA! Nope, my undies at $7 bucks a crack. Sigh, I never even had them on.

Bandit is adorable. I know how much you love him. We love our pup too. Cheri is one, how old is Bandit? We are hoping she will grow out of this.

Thanks for the chuckle today.
Hugs, Jeanne

Becky K. said...

Bandit is one also. Must be the age. Sigh....nothing is safe, is it?
The busier I am, the more she entertains herself. She'll get the attention one way or another!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh no! I would not like that at all.

Mister will be headed to his home this week though right? Things to be thankful for!

Chicken Wrangler said...

Bandit is just ensuring that you have FUN - the Bandit style of FUN!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky,

Bandit sure is the cute one and knows just how to get attention!:o) Such a sweet post dear Becky.

You and your family enjoy a lovely weekend.



Linda said...

Bandit is the cutest dog in the world! Thanks for this post, it made me smile.

daisy said...

Your little Bandit is adorable...our Cooper has the same issues with tissues. Yukky! Thanks for the smile.

Tracy said...

Our little Daisy does the SAME thing... and she is 3! Ewwww.... I think it must be the saltiness or something.

Tracy said...

Laughing, though I know I shouldn't! That Bandit is one pretty pup though.. Interesting the name Bandit for her, huh? ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Vee said...

Oh dear! Bandit was so naughty. I was just scrolling down through to see what I've missed and my mom made me stop when she saw Bandit. She loves all little dogs, even naughty ones. She wonders if you've seen the toys that have no stuffing for about $10. I can't imagine that Bandit would be interested. ;>