Friday, November 19, 2010

Funny Faces, Funny Girl and a Book Recommendation

I just love the little smiling faces of these
snowmen.  The hot cocoa mugs in process 
are so fun......

 One just has to smile back!!!

My funny girl....

O.k. so she is right about this.
Chelsea is definitely a "keeper"!

An interesting read....

I am currently reading this book.
It is fascinating on so many levels.
The life of one who's persona is so public
and yet Anne has dealt with many private 
struggles which began with the death of her
nineteen month old daughter so many years ago.

As a woman in business, I also find the story 
of Auntie Anne's Pretzels to be one that is fascinating
and one that I somewhat relate to.
I don't ever anticipate having the level of success
that she has experienced, and frankly, don't know
that I would want to.
It was all consuming in her life and I believe 
that it cost 
she and her family dearly.

But, God has brought so much of it around for 
good and while I am not yet finished with this 
book I would recommend it.
It has given me many, many things to 
think about.
I appreciate the heart of both
Anne and Jonas Beiler
for their community,
which just so happens
to also be my community.


Karen said...

Ha! I got through to the comment box before the page failed! Yay!

I love the picture of Chelsea! It's perfect! (And do you think I can write without exclamation points!?!)

I added the book to my library list. Sounds like a good read.(!) ;-)

I had to take the hot chocolate candles to the church the other day. The delicious chocolate smell was giving me cravings! I hope they don't make the pastor and secretary too hungry all day.

Susy said...

Chelsea is so cute (: and mama just happened to have the camera handy. Thanks for the book referral. I teach a class in the spring on "faith in the workplace", and am always looking for new books to add to the reading list.
Blessings to you.

PJ said...

Oh my dear sweet beautiful second cousin, I love this picture of you more than you will ever know. You are unique and that is something to be treasure and loved and explored.

Embrase your unique and let it empower you to be a strong, independent, fearless woman.

God made you unique and you are wonderfully made.

Terri said...

Adorable candles! I think your daughter is adorable. Maybe she should spell that out in scrabble letters!

Vee said...

The candles look good enough to eat! Chelsea is so danged cute and clever. :D

Have not heard of this book or the authors or the business. Something new to learn...