Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Beauty isn't the Most Important Thing.....

I used to think I was fairly practical.
This week I learned that sometimes good sense
gives way to supposed beauty.
I say "supposed" because when the end result is
breakage it is not beautiful.

I made the mistake of sending two hot 
chocolate mugs to a very special customer 
in Utah wrapped only in tissue paper. 

Now, I really tried to pack it in there...
but I was trying to avoid the 
ugly of bubble wrap....for this special lady.

Bad idea.
I'll repeat for my own benefit...
bad idea.

Only one of the mugs made it intact.
The other was quite broken.
Photo taken by Sherry....
Today I am going to resend a mug....
You really should see it...
but, alas, you cannot.
It is in layers of bubble wrap and then
wrapped and taped with a 
cardboard covering.
Nothing pretty about this packaging.
I think Sherry will be saying nasty things
about me as she attempts to get to the
Hot Chocolate Mug...
BUT it should be in one piece.

Thank you, Sherry, 
for being so very sweet about
my mistake.
Your mug will be on its way to you
very shortly!

For everyone else,
You must go over and meet this
wonderful lady.
You'll find Sherry at 
I was privileged to meet her 
when she visited PA last Summer.
Marydon (Blushing Rose) hosted the most fantastic
luncheon for Sherry's visit and birthday.
Marydon is another very generous soul.
You'll appreciate her sense of humor,
historical posts and love of family.

Now, I must get back to work.

Lesson Learned.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
Oh you are such a jewel, but really it would have been okay. I loved the aroma, and several family members have picked it up already as they truly thought I had a special brand of hot chocolate sitting on the table, and they wanted a closer smell. I will be posting about these candles, as I think all should have one for the holidays. You make the best sweet friend.

At least these won't melt this time of year in the Arizona desert. It was 49 degrees this morning. We are having upper 70 weather all this week and then it will climb right on back up there.

I hope you are well sweet one. I think of you every day as I smell the candles from my visit, I can't bring myself to burn them, they are so lovely to enjoy each and every day.

Many hugs and SO much love to you sweetie, Sherry

detweilermom said...

Becky, this is truly a case of not judgeing things by the outward appearance.
I sent you a message on Facebook.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Melissa G. said...

Oh no! It's sad when special things get broken!

jAne said...

hm. a broken candle mug is indeed sad but always remember: God even uses cracked cups for His glory. we're all cracked. :o)


Mrs.Rabe said...

Wrap those mugs up tight, girl! :)

Susy said...

We probably don't want to know what happens to those boxes on the way to their destination. Bubble wrap forever!

LV said...

We all goof on one thing or another. Sherry is a great lady and most understanding.