Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally a Day to Get Some Things Done!

So much running, of late.
Between homeschool co-op, Chelsea's 
appointments in Hershey, a Tastefully Simple
Party and a million other things I feel so 
happy at the prospect of a day "at home".

I need to get groceries, make more candles, 
drop a candle order at the post office,
run some loads of laundry, prepare for a 
Fundraiser kick-off tonight, drop Chelsea at work....

But it should all be good.

So....having said that....I am not going 
to stick around the computer much today.
I'll just be checking in here and there.

Please understand that I will get back to 
being a good Blog neighbor when this busy 
season is done.  
I miss you.....
One bit of blog business...
Sadly, I am going to have to stop
accepting anonymous comments.
I am getting way too many spam
emails.  They are getting nastier all of the time. not take offense if you are a lovely friend
without a Google account.
It is just something I need to do.

to my brother Allan!
This day brings back happy memories
of your BIG birthday last year. 

Enjoy YOUR day!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds like a great day!

Tracy said...

Hi, Becky! Busy days, but good days, that's what it sounds like there--and great to hear. ;o) Enjoy this day. Hope your brother has a TERRIFIC birthday! Many thanks for your lovely comment at my place--blog friend are the sweetest! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your brother! Enjoy your busy day! This weekend will be a busy one for me. I'm photographing a wedding. Wish me luck!

Vee said...

I understand have a great day even if it is a busy one. We'll catch you when you fly through...

Oh, happy birthday to your brother! Did he have to put up with that many sisters?

Susy said...

You are a busy girl! Blessings for productive days with a little fun sprinkled in.

AkaPJTheGreat said...

That was an AMAZING DAY!

Oh, and can I just say that I love it when I get to make a guest appearance on your blog, makes me feel like a celebrity!

Happy Birthday Cousin Allan

JD said...

Hi Becky, I drove through your home town today. I'm sending you an email to tell you all about it...Hugs, Jill

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It sounds like a busy but productive day :-) Happy Birthday to your brother. I'm glad you told us about the anonymous comments. I've been thinking about allowing them, but now I've reconsidered after reading this. Thanks so much for sharing this info.