Friday, November 26, 2010

Maybe This One?

Or this?

Maybe something totally different....

Lindsay took a couple that were excellent.
She and Chelsea took off and went to a quiet
garden where they captured some very nice

Now, you have to know that originally Chelsea
wanted to use a red umbrella as a prop.
We went out and bought one specifically for
the photo shoot.

However, when we arrived in Colonial Williamsburg
I was all excited for Chelsea to whip it out and 
try it right away.

She was a bit shy.

Who could blame her.

Jonathan decided to chase some of her
nerves away by showing Chelsea just 
how not to pose.

I'm afraid we will have to work on 
Jonathan's self confidence.

Finally Chelsea decided to give it 
a try.  Perhaps just to stop Jonathan
from drawing so much attention to 
us...I'm not sure....

However a couple of hours later
she was "working" that umbrella.

Of course having Emily to goof
around with helped a lot.

You have to know that for this series
of shots I was walking backwards very
quickly snapping away with a quick peek 
every now and then to make sure I 
didn't run into anything....
or anyone.

Taking our own senior photos is an 
of a very fun kind.
We are not done yet.
Next we go to 
Longwood Gardens for 
some photo opportunities.

We had hoped to go on Thanksgiving Day
but the weather was simply atrocious!


Andrea said...

Gorgeous pictures, but how could they be any other way. Chelsea is a beautiful young lady!


Andrea said...

BTW: I am laughing about you running backwards with a camera...been there..done that!

Buttercup said...

Not sure I could pick. Chelsea is just lovely and so are the photos!

Vee said...

Are you sure you guys aren't having too much fun? :D

I love the one hugging the tree, but if you could see my nieces' senior pics, you'd know why...two tree huggers.

Phyllis said...

Love all the pictures.

Tracy said...

The red umbrella was a great idea! That being said, I love the second photo from the top. Her eyes are gorgeous!

Melissa G. said...

Beautiful ladies!
How's Chelsea's chin doing?

Anonymous said...

We were at Longwood Gardens on Thanksgiving Day. We spent the morning there. I agree; the weather was atrocious. We spent at least 3 hours wandering about the conservatory. Had it been a nicer day we would have wandered about the grounds a bit. We are talking about returning for Easter holiday.