Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ladies Fall Tea - A Friendship Theme

Gone are the lazy days of summer
around here. We are back in school,
busy at church, in the candle season
and so much more.

But last night at our church we had our
second ladies tea. You might remember
the Christmas Tea from last year.

Mrs. Rabe of Creekside Cottage is very
good at hosting teas and I insert myself
as her sidekick.

Much to my frustrations I left my camera
at home for both the preparations and the
actual event. This means you will just
have to take my word on how nice it truly

Last week I had gone to Kirklands for some
Fall decor. They had some very cute ceramic
leaf plates

that were just perfect for holding
the spent teabags.
They were just $1.88 each.

I also got mercury glass

with leaves that shimmered as tealights
burned inside. These were three in a package
for $5.99.

I got a five pillar candle holder with
adorable metal leaves winding through it and

a large glass hurricane style centerpiece,
which we used on the serving table.
As you can see these items were very
reasonably priced and thankfully the
website had some great
pictures of them to show you.
If you are in need of Fall decor I highly
recommend these items.

Mrs. Rabe supplied all of the glass plates,
teapots, teacups as well as gold and silver pumpkins
for the centerpieces. What a fun event.

I spoke very briefly about the changing face
of friendships in our lives. As we grow,
change, and get more responsibilities our friendships
change too. I said that in the early years of
marriage I had one really close friend and we
would spend hours on the phone together...
because we didn't get out much. A direct result
of having young children with nap schedules, etc.

Then as the children have grown we have been
pulled appropriately into their lives and our
friends tend to be most often those we bump into
as we pursue their interests or education.

I foresee a time as the children grow and move
out that there might be that one special friend
again with whom I go shopping, travel with our
husbands or chat on the phone for as long as
we might want....but not in this season.

I closed with a hope that we would be content
in whatever season we are in right now.
For that is exactly where we are to be.

Kelly, of the Cozy Comforts Blog, spoke next.
She shared the relationship of Jonathan and David
in the Bible. Theirs was a very close friendship
and God used it to save David's life.

Mom was the featured speaker and she shared
about the friendships that can develop with
our children as they grow older. She related
our relationship and how we have grown into
dear, dear friends.

It is so true that, as I have related before,
Mom and I can melt into giggles about the
silliest things and those around us just have
to shake their heads.

Mom closed her talk relating that Jesus is
her best friend. I have seen this in her
life always, but it has become even more
evident since Daddy has gone on to Heaven.

She is leaning on His Everlasting Arms.
They are strong.
They hold her close.

We had many guests last evening which was
so very nice. We all felt very badly
that one lady from the church is sick and
only one of the eight from her group came
without her. But, all in all it was a
superb evening. Candlelight, pretty hats
provided by my Chinese friend Jenny,
delightful chatter, great food, and
lovely decor.

I am ever so thankful for all of my
friends, near and far.
Thanks for being among
those I call Friend.

I raise my teacup to you.
Oh, and it is Tangerine Spice!

Have a great day!!!



SmilingSally said...

How I wish I had a tea like that to attend!

Please stop by; I have a treat(?) for you.

jAne said...

Tea. The simple term says volumes. :o)

tickleberry farm

Melissa G. said...

Oh, it sounds like it was a beautiful tea! The autumn decorations are all beautiful!

stefanie said...

how fun, love all the decor

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, it sounds like such a wonderful time!

Barb ♥

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Becky!

The tea sounds simply wonderful! Tea and friends, now that's a good thing.:o) Enjoy a lovely week.



Kelly said...

It really was a nice evening, much calmer and quieter than last year's Christmas tea, but filled with special meaning, good friends, good food and tea and good conversation.

Tracy said...

Sounds wonderful: the tea, the fellowship, the decorations, all of it!

Karen said...

Very pretty decorations-you found some nice stuff!

I wanna live closer and be part of your group, too. You and Deanna always have such fun stuff going on. Maybe I better settle for making a cup of tea and drinking it while I read blogs.