Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Award

A lovely lady from Texas, LV,
of Thoughts from Meme's Corner has
bestowed a cherished award on me.
This is called Best Blog Award.

Even better was what she said when
she gave her reasons for those she
chose to pass it on to.

"Their blog writings are filled with encouragement and inspiring thoughts. They appear rich in their faith and on the right path. My only request to them is continue to keep your feet on solid ground. Perhaps your actions will speak to someone else."

That is so humbling and I take to
heart the admonition within LV's

If you have not yet met LV, I encourage
you to "git your little self over there!"
She is one very special lady.
Today her blog features beautiful photos from
the Dallas Arboretum.


SmilingSally said...

Congratulations, Becky, on a well-deserved award.

Karen said...


It is well deserved!