Monday, October 12, 2009

I love Our Church!

Yesterday was just so fun!

We had such great discussion in
the Sunday School. There was
input from young people and
the eldest member alike.

Love that!

The service was good but I was
distracted and wasn't my best at
the piano. So, I am beating myself
up a bit for that....but it has to
happen sometimes, right?

There was an excellent offertory by
siblings, one on the piano, the other
with her violin. They totally blew
us away with their talent and the
beauty of the song.

After church a bunch of us headed to
a local pizza shop for lunch. We
nearly filled the place.
It was fun.

Then it was time for the rocket launch.
So many people came out. Usually it is
the die-hard rocket people, but this time
there were many children and young people,
ladies and men. Maybe it is because it wasn't
90 degrees and humid. Standing out in an
open field on a hot day isn't my idea of a
great time, either. But, it was so very
beautiful yesterday and we enjoyed watching
kites being flown and the rockets launching.

Jonathan had a great day.
He ran, wrestled, and went to
The Rabes' home for more fellowship.
He is blessed with great friendships
both in the church and outside of it.
Isn't that every parent's hope,
that their child would choose friends
wisely? Thank You, Jesus!

Courtney loves Rachel and didn't want
to leave her side. Aren't they cute?

THE rocket of the day.
Pastor Mike mounted a figurine in the
cockpit of this rocket.
The figurine came down with it's own
parachute while the rocket had one too.
A very fun surprise.

I never cease to be amazed at the joy with which our
young people interact with all of
the adults, with each other and
with visitors who come to the church.

God is blessing us!
I am Grateful.

Just so you know...Saturday evening I was
overwhelmed, feeling tired and thought that
if we didn't have so many responsibilities I
could have just stayed home. I am so very
happy that we are involved to the level that
made that not an option. I would have missed
out, BIG TIME, on a huge blessing.


Melissa G. said...

I'm glad you have a church that picks you up when you're feeling down. It sounds like everyone had a good day together.

Elena said...

Your church sounds awesome!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I missed this post yesterday!

It was a great day, and it was great to see our visitors and neighbors there at the rocket launching as well!

Fun stuff, great outreach just being who we are!