Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living With Integrity and Passion

I have just finished watching video clips
in tribute to a man who passed away this week.
His name was Chris Klicka.
He was very important to the Homeschool
Community as an attorney and advocate.

But, while I didn't know Mr. Klicka
and only began to follow his story
in his final days there is something
undeniable about him.
He had integrity.
He had passion.
He loved Jesus.

You see, I have met at least one of
the people who knew him well.
This person lives with integrity and
has demonstrated character qualities
that exemplify those we should all
strive for. So, by association,
and because of his statements, regarding Chris,
I believe that Chris also lived his
life with integrity.

Those that we choose to associate
ourselves with say a lot about who
we are.

Times like these... memoriums,
the passing of the saints, or
just pondering the fragility of
life make us think...
Am I living a life of integrity?
What will my legacy be?
Am I making a difference in the
world around me?

Just saying...Integrity...Passion...It's a
great reputation to have.

With this post I want to send heartfelt
condolences to the Klicka Family.
I hope one day you will "google" your
Dad's name and find this post.
That this will happen in a time of
missing him and you will be reminded that
God had a plan for him all along.
It was bigger than he could have known
or even believed. But it was good.

We all leave our mark on this world.
What kind of a mark are you leaving?
What kind of a mark am I leaving...
That is the question today!

With love,

For more about Chris Klicka and his impact.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I left a comment on the Klicka's blog yesterday. I remember his testimony before the state house of representatives about home education when we were trying to get the law changed. He was honorable, which wasn't true about everyone there that day.

I am so thankful for the way he poured out his life to defend home education and the families who are home educating. He will be missed, by his family most of all.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Thanks Becky..I will have to look that up as well.

Fairy Footprints said...

What a lovely post. God bless you.