Saturday, October 24, 2009


Why is it that things that
are so good for us can be
so very difficult?

If we are blessed to find
a life partner and marry
there is a period of adjustment.
I remember very early in our marriage
I was struggling one evening because
Warren was late for dinner,
having worked late.
I called my parents, they said
they were not getting involved.
I was a married woman and I
was to take my issues up with
my husband. Very wise and sound
advice. We worked through those
changes and I love Warren more
today than I thought I did then.

We feel it when we have
children. A huge blessing
that brings with it such
varied emotions.
Maybe that is just the
sleep deprivation...but
I also remember the knowledge
that this was a lifetime
A very good change.
Forces one to grow up...

There is the change that comes
with a move to a new area.
We have done that more than once.
Sometimes with excitement,
other times with a bit of
I would say this move to Lancaster
was a bit rough for me...but God
knew what He was doing and it has
been GOOD!

And the reason I am writing this
particular post...Change in our
fellowship and worship.
The life of the church.
For nearly ten years
we have attended a very tiny church.
It was not our intention.
We had been a part of a small church and
I saw our move as a way to find a larger
church to get lost in. But, this was not
to be. We ended up in a church even smaller
than the one we had enjoyed back in Centre
County, PA.

Over the past eight of those ten years I have
known my role in this church. It was pretty
clear that if certain things were to get done
they would be my responsibility. Others worked
and had other duties that they were faithful to
in our church body.

But over the past year, God has blessed our
tiny church with growth and new friends.
I do, indeed, treasure them.
And I don't just have to say that because
they read this blog.
I love them dearly.
But, with the growth, inevitably comes change.
No longer can I possibly continue to do the
things I was accustomed to doing.
Hosting weekly get togethers, providing all
of the food for those events.
Working with Pastor Mike on all of the music
and each special event.
That really just scratches the surface.
It was a joy!!
It really was the second most important "job"
I had other than educating my children.

But, as others have come in we have been very
excited to see them step up and offer to help
in this way or that. Their homes have often
been opened up to the Fellowship. I am very
grateful for all of this...but is
One I have been at war with.

This week, God used some very special people
in my life to break down some walls.
Walls of resistance.
They have been a huge source of peace and
joy to me in pointing out that even as
things are changing new opportunities are
just around the corner.
Now, that gets my attention!
I love new opportunities!!!

So...I write today to say...
I am so sorry, God, for resisting
those wonderful things You have
for me. I simply want to serve You
and Love You in whatever way it is
You want me.

To my Friends who may have felt the
distance lately, I am so sorry.
It is not about you.
It is about God needing to do some
pruning in my life.

I don't want to be that "old lady"
in the church who refuses to embrace
new and different. This is what we
have prayed for and sought for all these

Funny, isn't it?
God answers our prayers and I
respond with a big tantrum.


Glad He is faithful and doesn't
give up on us.

Here is hoping for another ten
years in His service.
Wonder what HE is up to next???




Joyce said...

Sounds like God has given you a bit of peace in your inner turmoil which is a blessing. Enjoy your weekend and sing his praise on Sunday.

AkaPJTheGreat said...

oh how many times have I thrown a tantrum when I didn't like the change, only to find out that God has something bigger and better for me on te other side...

each time I say I'll learn from my last mistake, and each time I seem to follow the same pattern...

as a military wife my life is nothing but change, change in location, change in plans, change in friends...

these are excellent words to remember, thanks for sharing Becky


Tracy said...

I love this post, Becky! I think all of us can relate in one way or another to what you are going through. I know I certainly can. Change is hard, whether it's duties at church, moving to a new area, or children getting married and going off to college. I pray that your heart settles quickly as you find out what the Lord has in store for you.

SmilingSally said...

Some lessons are hard to learn.

Elena said...

Such a beautiful and honest post! You have a great heart and it shine through in your blog:) Hugs, Elena

LV said...

You can rest assured He has great things in store for you. Keep trusting.

Deborah said...

I love this post Becky. Very honest and thought-provoking. It is sometimes a struggle for me to find the good when things change. I have to remind myself that God has better in store for me (and for you too!) Happy Belated Blue Monday.

~~Deby said...

CHANGE...oh boy do I know that one...extremely...this year...barely able to in a recliner...
but we sure do learn lessons in change...I think it gets to the points where all the Lord wants is our yielded heart...and I can tell HE got yours...
We are all in this process...and I am thankful for HIS grace.

Freda Marie said...

For every door that closes another will open, the Lord is faithful to make that happen. We often are so busy looking at the door that is closing we cannot see the new door filled with light and wonder and some things along the way to make us grown into a stronger more loving person...Blessings on you and your family.