Thursday, October 1, 2009


Somewhere a child cries
as she trembles in the streets.

While a parent fears the worst as she
searches for her child...lost in the chaos.

The earth shook itself
with no regard for its inhabitants.

Houses fell.
Oceans rose.

Fear and grief permeate the air.

Somewhere men and women mobilize
to bring help and hope.

Flying mile upon mile
leaving family and home.

Somewhere they will find that child
and her parent needing care.

In that somewhere God's Grace
will be revealed by a gentle helping touch.


My heart goes out to those who are suffering
after the earthquakes and tsunami's of the
past days. I don't claim to understand why
these things happen...other than the fact
that we live on an earth that is decaying.
But I do know that it is in these times
that God's people are granted access to
spread help and hope in ways that are
otherwise impossible.

I pray that those in need find
spiritual and physical helps.

I pray safety for those who will
swiftly travel to this dangerous landscape.

May God bless them richly!



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A great reminder for us all. We do not realize sometimes just how blessed we are.