Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Young Helpers Make it Fun...and other chatter!

On Saturday Warren, Mike and Jeremiah
had some work to do at our church.
I stopped by to make the bulletins and
found this...

Cracks me up.

Jeremiah's little guys were being all
the help they could be.

Climbing up and down the ladder to the
crawl space and chattering away...nonstop.

So cute, I tell you!

As for today...
I had intended to head over to Longwood
Gardens this morning, but it is pouring
rain. So... I guess I will head over to
the church again and do some painting.

There is never a loss for things to do.

I'll also be making up a second web candle
order. Thank You, Ladies, for placing these
orders. I hope you will love your candles!!

If you haven't looked yet, I do hope you'll
stop over at my candle blog. I encourage
orders by the dozen because it is your best
value and originally I thought it would be
easier to ship this way. However, I am very
happy to sell you candles by the piece. Just
email me for price quotes with shipping.

I have a candle delivery to make to my Amish
friend, Rachel. She is a very faithful
customer and I always look forward to her
orders. This means I get to visit at her
home and see the new plants and gardens in
progress. Rachel is a lot like my Mikey.
She loves plants of all kinds and, as she is
single, works at a large plant farm.
Soon enough, I imagine, Rachel will get
married and settle in a home of her own
with little ones to care for.

Hope your day is bright...
even if you, like us, are faced
with liquid sunshine.


Mrs.Rabe said...

So exciting to see the work coming along! The boys are so cute! I can imagine them chattering away!

We have no barn work today and the girls work is closed so we will have a cozy school day and maybe the kids can play some games with Daddy.

Brittany Ann said...

What adorable helpers! Fun and educational!

silk purse said...

How precious!

Thanks for stopping by to my blog yeseterday to see "Autumns Jewels" on The Plumed Pen blog. If you get a moment, please feel most welcome to pop by for, Tuesday Tea For Two, blog tea party..,

Blessings and Cheers
~from Silken Purse

Jacquelynne said...

They are cute "helpers"! And still young enough to think that helping is actually fun!
We had our share of "liquid sunshine" here in NJ today, too. Haven't we had a lot of rain this year- hope this doesn't mean we'll have tons of snow!