Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Morning...just chatting...

I just returned from a 7:30 am meeting about a very
large candle fundraiser. My mind is swimming
with thoughts of organization, efficiency and
inventory. Decisions on which fragrances to
offer...making sure I have enough wicks...etc.

We will see how it all turns out but I could
be swamped during the month of November...

In other news, it is soooo quiet at our house
without Kimmy. Chloe tries, bless her heart,
barking when the doorbell rings. She loses
interest quickly though. Unlike Kimmy.

In time this will be our new normal...but
we won't ever forget the challenge of a
dog named Kimmy.

I am extremely pleased with both of my
homeschool co-op choirs. They are working
hard and have been giving positive feedback
about the song selections.

The Jr./Sr. High choir learned three parts
yesterday on the song The Power of Your Love.
They sound sweet already. I am thrilled and
know that if they sound this good only three
weeks in they are going to do a fabulous job
for the concert!

The 4th/6th graders have a favorite song.
It is called, There'll Be No Band Aids in Heaven.
Boy do they sing it out.
We will work on smoothing it out
and singing "tighter" as the semester
moves on, but for now I am
enjoying their enthusiasm.

It is time to start school now.
Time to refocus my brain to Accounting I.
A little history, some literature and
some science will round out our day.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday.


The photos in this post were
taken by Mikey in El Salvador.
Thank you, Son!


Melissa G. said...

I really like the song The Power of Your Love. It reminds me of my year of Bible school in England since that is where i first heard it.

I'm sorry you had to let Kimmy go.

~~Deby said... are so busy, can I envy you a bit right now for the ability to be able to do all these things? a Christian sort of way of course.
No band aids in that really appeals to my foot is healing and I have had a couple issues come up this week, that were soooo unexpected, so painful, and a bit life changing...
I will VOTE for the no band aids...
always love your posts...
Praying each day without your Kimmy gets better, we have been there.

Elena said...

Your homeschool choir sounds like so much fun. My daughter loves music and I would like to get her into something like that when she is old enough.

Heidi said...

Wonderful pictures today so tranquill. "There are no bandaids in heaven" I will have to look that one up I dont think I have ever heard that song, but it sounds darling. Have a great weekend.


SmilingSally said...

Those children are so fortunate to have you work with them in the choir.