Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tales from a Gorgeous Day

It could almost make a believer
out of me. A believer in the coming
of Spring.

Today is to be dark and rainy.

But yesterday....ah, it was splendid.

Not that I would have known that at
any point in the morning as I had
much work to do with candles, church
website, kids schooling. But as the
kids pried me away to go to bowling I
became aware.
Aware of a day that was
one of those special gems.

Crystal blue skies, the boldest of
forsythia showing its yellow, Daffodils
dancing here and there.
Oooh, it is happening.

So we arrived at our bowling alley expecting
nothing unusual. However, two of our bowlers
had quite a day. Miss Chelsea beat all of the
adults in one game with a 146 and that was one
of two games in the 140's.

Very nice job Chelsea.

Then my very fun friend and competitor, Bob, met
a goal that he had set for himself in December.
He determined that 2009 was the year he would
go over 200. While we were on vacation he bowled
a 198 and was kicking himself for missing those
two more pins.

Yesterday, Bob was HOT! It was so fun to watch!

Five strikes in a row and then three more to close out the game.

I asked him to look excited
and this is all I got...

Not good enough, I demanded more!
Bob delivered!

Now the person to feel sorry for is Bob's
precious wife Phyllis. She had the task of
getting Bob's head through the big double
doors from the alley. We were concerned as
it seemed to swell visibly.
Just kidding, Bob!
I know how much that meant to you and
it was sooooo fun to watch you do it.

After bowling we went over to a skate park
for Mikey. I managed to find a couple of
things to take photos of before the battery
went dead in the camera...arrgghh.

Ahhh...sweet time with my kids.
I just love it!
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh, Dad will be reliving that one for EVER!

jAne said...

Sounds like a fun time for all!

Bowling. Haven't done that in years. The one place we could go bowling (in a safe area) was transformed into a church. They kept two lanes. ha! There's actually now a new bowling establishment in town and boy is it spendy! When did bowling get so spendy, I ask you this seriously! Is it just the left coast? Is it spendy in PA too?! Heavens.

Becky K. said...

When we go on vacation and go to a bowling alley I nearly die from the shock of the pricing. We have a special price for our group...$1 per game and the shoes are free.

I know...we are spoiled!!!!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, your bowling day sounds like so much fun. I love all your pictures...gorgeous!


Persuaded said...

my gracious... i haven't been bowling in decades! i don't know if the kids have ever been... does that make me a neglectful parent?;)

sounds like you all had such a nice time. time with my kids is the best thing about homeschooling imo!

Tracy said...

We enjoyed yesterdays weather too

Vee said...

Congrats to your friend! That's quite an achievement.

Phyllis said...

Bob is thrilled with your blog today. Thanks for the kudos.

Kelly said...

Way to go, Bob! He's so much fun! Looks like you're having a great week.